06/16[Chaldea PR Department] Game Updates for Late June to Early July
The Chaldea PR Department would like to inform you that the next game update is scheduled to be released late
June to early July 2017. Features listed below are planned to be implemented during this upcoming update.

▼ Game Update
  • Release the 2nd chapter of 「Fate/Grand Order -Epic of Remnant-」.

▼ New Features
  • Add an EXTRA slot in the Support Formation screen.
  • Limit Break status will now carry over when using Craft Essences as strengthening materials.
    ※ Limit Break status will only carry over if used on the same Craft Essence.
  • 「4★ ALL (HP) Hero Crystal: Meteor Fou」 and 「4★ ALL (ATK) Hero Crystal: Solar Fou」 will be added
    to the 「Rare Prism Exchange」 shop.

▼ UI Improvements
  • Add a display to the Friend List, Servant Details screen, etc. that shows the strengthening status of skills.
  • Add a Receipt Confirmation windows when withdrawing multiple items from the Present Box.

This is the main content of the update planned for late June to early July 2017.

We look forward to your continued support for 「Fate/Grand Order」 from here and onwards.

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