04/21「Fate/EXTRA CCC x Fate/Grand Order GW EX Special Event」 is coming!

Event Summary

Event Period
Late April to Early May

Event Summary
「Golden Week means taking a vacation, right? How about an early beach event, for you foolish humans? ♥」
With the sudden appearance of the Cyber Demon BB, Chaldea was plunged into an unprecedented GW.
A sweet and bewitching GIRL'S BATTLE. Beauty, chastity, and then seduction───
Look forward to this special resort event!

The limited Fate/EXTRA CCC x Fate/Grand Order GW EX Special Event
「BB-chan's Counterattack / Let's Meet at the Electronic Sea」 will soon begin!
The Event Limited Servant 「4★ (SR) BB」 will appear!
Let's participate in the event and reform BB to get her!

Only players who have completed 「Final Singularity: Grand Time Temple - Solomon」 can participate in this event.

Event Servant Preparation!

Certain Servants will give you an advantage during the 「BB-chan's Counterattack / Meeting at the Electronic Sea」 event.
It is recommended to strengthen them in preparation before the event begins!

[Target Servants]
Class Servants
Saber Gawain ・ Nero Claudius ・ Nero Claudius [Bride]
Archer Emiya ・ Emiya [Alter] ・ Gilgamesh ・ Tristan ・ Robin Hood
Lancer Vlad III [EXTRA] ・ Elisabeth Bathory ・ Karna ・ Cu Chulainn ・ Li Shuwen
Rider Francis Drake
Caster Tamamo no Mae ・ Hans Christian Andersen ・ Nursery Rhyme
Berserker Tamamo Cat ・ Lu Bu Fengxian

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