12/14Final Singularity 「Grand Time Temple: Solomon」 Coming Soon!

After completing 7 singularities to save humanity, one final struggle remains.
Our destination is a singularity outside of human history.
We will be fighting 72 demonic pillars that guard the throne of the King of Magic, Solomon.
The final battle to regain the future of humankind will now begin!

Release Date
Late December 2016

Final Battle, Beginning of the End
「Final Singularity: Grand Time Temple - Solomon」
After overcoming many hardships, one last trial awaits.
With bonds you've accumulated with your Servants so far, a new battle will be waged!

During the final battle, you must conquer a special quest and cooperate with all the other Masters playing the game
during this period, to defeat the final boss enough times until they stay down.

Unlock Requirements
Unlocked once the 7th Singularity 「Absolute Demonic Front - Babylonia」 has been cleared.

A preview of the 「Final Singularity: Grand Time Temple - Solomon」 is illustrated below.
Please wait just a bit more for the final battle to begin!

A feared Salomon, master of the Sea of Darkness. Its roe is the best delicacy in the World of Darkness.

The bond level of your Servants will play an important part during the quest for the final battle.
In addition, Mash Kyrielight who's bond level increases as you progress through the story will gain a special effect.

Deepen the bond with your favorite Servants, strengthen Mash Kyrielight, and conquer the final battle!

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