11/16Maximum Bond Level Increased: Part 13!

Starting November 16, 2016 (Wednesday) 19:00, the maximum Bond Level of certain Servants will be increased to Lv.10!
Another 10 Servants will have unlocked Bond Levels during this 13th batch.
When a Servant's Bond Level reaches Lv.6 to Lv.9, you will receive a reward.
In addition, you will receive a special Craft Essences from your Servant if you reach Bond Lv.10!
※ New voices and profile page entries will not be unlocked for Lv.6 and above.

Release Date
November 16, 2016 (Wednesday) 19:00 onwards

Target Servants

Class Rarity Name
Lancer ★★★★★ SSR Altria Pendragon
Lancer ★★★★★ SSR Tamamo-no-Mae
Caster ★★★★★ SSR Leonardo da Vinci
Archer ★★★★ SR Anne Bonny & Mary Read
Lancer ★★★★ SR Kiyohime
Caster ★★★★ SR Marie Antoinette
Rider ★★★★ SR Mordred
Saber ★★★★ SR Lancelot
Assassin ★★★ R Hassan of the Serenity
Saber ★★★ R Bedivere

More Servants will be unlocked in the future, so please wait for the next batch!

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