11/11Limited Event 「Rerun: Almost Weekly Santa Alter」 is here!

Event Period
November 16, 2016 (Wednesday) 19:00 to November 22, 2016 (Tuesday) 14:59

Event Summary
Limited Christmas event written by Kinoko Nasu.
The quests for 「Almost Weekly Santa Alter」 suddenly appeared in Chaldea Gate out of nowhere!
The event-limited Servant 「4★ (SR) Altria Pendragon (Santa Alter)」 will be joining you this special occasion,
be sure to gather enough event items to get that Christmas present you've been waiting for!

The Evil Santa Claus, Santa Alter, will be here to make your Christmas extra special!
To all the Masters, can you handle this event and celebrate Christmas Eve with a success?

※ This event is a rerun of the one held last year. Some adjustments like lower Exchange Shop prices have been made to
make it a 「Light Version Rerun Event」 and more easier to play.
※ The story will still be the same as last year. Some text changes and corrections implemented since then are included.
※ The event limited Servant 「4★ (SR) Altria Pendragon (Santa Alter)」 can be acquired again the same way as last year.

  1. Clear the Event Quests and get Santa Alter!
  2. Bring Event Servants to increase the amount of Magic Stocking you receive in battle!
  3. Equip Event Craft Essence to increase the amount of Magic Stocking you receive in battle even more!
  4. Roll the Prize Lottery and get those rewards!

Quest Schedule
メインクエスト 序幕~第二夜
Main Quest: Prologue ~ 2nd Night
November 16 (Wed) 19:00 ~ November 22 (Tue) 14:59
メインクエスト 第三夜
Main Quest: 3rd Night
November 17 (Thu) 0:00 ~ November 22 (Tue) 14:59
メインクエスト 第四夜
Main Quest: 4th Night
November 18 (Fri) 0:00 ~ November 22 (Tue) 14:59
メインクエスト 第五夜
Main Quest: 5th Night
November 19 (Sat) 0:00 ~ November 22 (Tue) 14:59
メインクエスト 第六夜
Main Quest: 6th Night
November 20 (Sun) 0:00 ~ November 22 (Tue) 14:59
メインクエスト 第七夜
Main Quest: 7th Night
November 21 (Mon) 0:00 ~ November 22 (Tue) 14:59

By gathering Magic Stockings, you'll be able to receive presents from Santa Alter!
Rolling for an item from the raffle will cost 2x Magic Stockings for a single roll, and 20x Magic Stockings for a ten roll.
Any item you receive will be deducted from the rewards list until the list eventually runs out.
Each present lineup will have a Grand Prize that you can roll for.
Once you receive the Grand Prize, you can reset the rewards and proceed to the next lineup by pressing 「Present Reset」.
Once you've reset the lineup, the list will permanently change. You cannot go back to a previous lineup.
※ On the 6th lineup or later, you can reset the lineup by clearing all the items. However, there will be no more Grand Prizes.
※ Because this is a Light Version Rerun Event, there will be a limit to how much you can reset the prizes.
※ You can only use the 「Present Reset」 button up the 7th lineup. You can no longer reeset once you've reached the 8th.
※ After resetting the prizes for the 5th lineup, 「Gold Fruit」 and 「Silver Fruit」 can no longer be obtained.

Each prize lineup will have
ONLY 1 Grand Prize that you
can receive from each set.
Once you receive the Grand Prize for
the current lineup, you can press the
「Present Reset」 to replenish.

Present Lineup
Magic Stockings [Grand Prize]
  • 1st to 4th Lineup:
    Special Exchange Ticket
    ※ Can be exchanged for 「Altria Pendragon 〔Santa Alter〕」 at the shop.

  • 5th Lineup:
    Crystallized Lore.
[Ascension & Skill Enhancement Materials]
  • Void's Refuse
  • Dragon Tooth
  • Unlucky Bone
  • Hero's Proof
[Skill Enhancement Materials]
  • Saber Secret Gem
  • Archer Secret Gem
  • Lancer Secret Gem
  • Rider Secret Gem
  • Caster Secret Gem
  • Assassin Secret Gem
  • Berserker Secret Gem
  • Saber Magic Gem
  • Archer Magic Gem
  • Lancer Magic Gem
  • Rider Magic Gem
  • Caster Magic Gem
  • Assassin Magic Gem
  • Berserker Magic Gem
  • Saber Gem
  • Archer Gem
  • Lancer Gem
  • Rider Gem
  • Caster Gem
  • Assassin Gem
  • Berserker Gem
[Other Items]
  • 4★ (SR) All-Class Experience Card
  • 3★ (R) All-Class Experience Card
  • Gold Fruit
  • Silver Fruit
  • Bronze Fruit
  • Mana Prism
  • Friend Points
  • QP

Gathering Method 1
Bringing certain Servants into your party will increase the number of 「Magic Stockings」 you'll receive.

[Target Servants]
Altria Pendragon (Santa Alter), Jack the Ripper, Nursery Rhyme, Marie Antoinette, Martha, Darius III, David,
Jing Ke, Robin Hood, Gaius Julius Caesar, & Phantom of the Opera.
※ The increase will vary depending on the Servant.

Gathering Method 2
Event Limited Craft Essences will increase the amount of event item drops if you have them equipped.
For the best method of gathering each item, please refer to the following chart.
※ Please note that the dropped items aren't 100% guaranteed for each quest.

★★★★★ (SSR)
Holy Night Sign

Magic Stockings UP!
★★★★★ (SSR)
Present for My Master

Gold Star UP!
★★★★ (SR)
March of the Saint

Silver Bell UP!
★★★ (R)
Lightning Reindeer

Mini Ribbon UP!

Holy Night Sign ★★★★★ SSR
Holy Night Sign
ATK  250 (Max: 1,000)    HP  375 (Max: 1,500)
    Increase Quick Card effectiveness by 8%
    Increase Critical Strength by 15%

    Increase Magic Stockingadditional drop rate by 20%
    [Rerun: Almost Weekly Santa Alter Only]

Rider 9258 11286 Sword of Promised Victory
Excalibur Morgan
Deal heavy damage to all enemies [Level]
Increase own NP Gauge [Overcharge]

※ You can still acquire Altria Pendragon 〔Santa Alter〕 even if you already got her from last year.

Her ascension will require a special material 「Chicken Bucket」 which can only be obtained from this event.
Ascend her up to four times to unlock her final Saint Graph artwork!

Exchange Method
Exchange Period: November 16, 2016 (Wednesday) 19:00 to November 30, 2016 (Wednesday) 14:59
※ The items 「Magic Stocking」, 「Gold Star」, 「Silver Bell」, and 「Mini Ribbon」 will disappear
from your inventory after the deadline.

Gold Star Exchange
Gold Star [Limited Craft Essence]
  • 5★ (SSR) 「Holy Night Sign」
[Event Limited Ascension Material]
  • Chicken Bucket
[Ascension & Skill Enhancement Materials]
  • Dragon's Reverse Scale
[Skill Enhancement Materials]
  • Rider Monument
  • Caster Monument
  • Assassin Monument

Silver Bell Exchange
Silver Bell [Limited Craft Essence]
  • 5★ (SSR) 「Holy Night Sign」
[Event Limited Ascension Material]
  • Chicken Bucket
[Ascension & Skill Enhancement Materials]
  • Snake Jewel
[Skill Enhancement Materials]
  • Rider Piece
  • Caster Piece
  • Assassin Piece

Mini Ribbon Exchange
Mini Ribbon [Limited Craft Essence]
  • 5★ (SSR) 「Holy Night Sign」
[Event Limited Ascension Material]
  • Chicken Bucket
[Ascension & Skill Enhancement Materials]
  • Yggdrasil Seed
[Skill Enhancement Materials]
  • 4★ (SR) All-Class Experience Card
  • 3★ (R) All-Class Experience Card
  • 4★ (SR) All-Class Status Up Card (HP)
  • 4★ (SR) All-Class Status Up Card (ATK)

A new option 「Saint Graph Storage」 will be added to the Formation screen!
This will allow you to store Servants and Craft Essence into a seperate storage other than your inventory.
You can store up to 100 Servants and 100 Craft Essences with this feature.

※ Servants and CEs moved to your storage cannot be added to your party.
※ Mash Kyrielight and Servants currently set as Party Member, Support, and Favorite cannot be moved to the storage.

We will now implement the 「Craft Essence Synthesis Renewal」 that we originally planned to implement during the
7 Million Downloads Campaign.

When using Craft Essences which already got reinforced with EXP as synthesis material for another Craft Essence,
the amount of EXP it has accumulated to reach that level will transfer to the new Craft Essence.
This way, reinforced Craft Essence can still be used as synthesis materials without wasting EXP.

In addition, we will also increase the number of materials you can use during synthesis from 5 to 20.

※ Accumulated EXP will not be doubled or tripled during a Great Success or Super Success.

Renewal Date
November 16, 2016 (Wednesday) 19:00

Christmas 2015 Rerun Pickup Summon Period
November 16 (Wednesday) 19:00 to November 22, 2015 (Tueday) 14:59

For a limited time we will be holding a Christmas Summoning Event!
The Servant 「5★ (SSR) Jack the Ripper」 will become available for pickup for a limited time!
In addition, 「4★ (SR) Nursery Rhyme」, 「4★ (SR) Marie Antoinette」, 「3★ (R) Robin Hood」,
and 「3★ (R) Jing Ke」 will also become available for pickup.

Please check the Summoning Details at the lower left corner of the screen for more information.

That's not all, it's also possible to increase the amount of event items you can gather by equipping the following Craft Essences:
5★ (SSR) Present for My Master」, 「4★ (SR) March of the Saint」, and 「3★ (R) Lightning Reindeer」.
※ 「3★ (R) Lightning Reindeer」 can be acquired from the Friend Point Summon during the Pickup period.

10x Grand Summon will always guarantee a 4★ (SR) card or higher and at least 1 Servant with 3★ (R) minimum rarity.
※ The guaranteed 4★ (SR) card could be a Servant or a Craft Essence.
※ Rate UP will only have increased rates against Servants or Craft Essences with the same rarity.

Assassin 11557 12696 Holy Mother of Dismemberment
Maria the Ripper
Increase damage against [Female] (1 turn) [Overcharge]
Deal significant damage to a single enemy that ignores DEF [Level]

Caster 8629 11882 A Story for Somebody's Sake
Nursery Rhyme
Deal heavy damage to all enemies [Level]
Chance to decrease NP charge [Overcharge]
Decrease DEF (3 turns)

Rider 8293 12348 Glory to the Crown of Lilies
Guillotine Breaker
Deal heavy damage to all enemies [Level]
Restore HP of all allies [Overcharge]
Dispels Debuffs of all alllies

Archer 6715 10187 Bow of Prayer
Yew Bow
Deal significant damage to a single enemy [Level]
Bonus damage against Poisoned enemies [Overcharge]
Inflicts Poison (5 turns)

Assassin 7207 8293 Unreturning Dagger
All I Do Is Kill
Deal significant damage to a single enemy [Level]
Medium chance to inflict Death [Overcharge]
Gain Critical Stars [Overcharge]
Receive damage to user's HP [Demerit]

Present for My Master ★★★★★ SSR
Present for My Master
ATK  0 (Max: 0)    HP  750 (Max: 3,000)
    Increase star absorption rate by 100%
    Increase HP recovered by 40%

    Increase Gold Stardrops by 1
    [Rerun: Almost Weekly Santa Alter Only]

March of the Saint ★★★★ SR
March of the Saint
ATK  0 (Max: 0)    HP  600 (Max: 2,250)
    Recover 200 HP each turn
    Increase NP Gauge by 3% each turn

    Increase Silver Belldrops by 1
    [Rerun: Almost Weekly Santa Alter Only]

Lightning Reindeer ★★★ R
Lightning Reindeer
ATK  200 (Max: 1,000)    HP  0 (Max: 0)
    Increase Buster Card effectiveness by 15% (3 turns)

    Increase Mini Ribbondrops by 1
    [Rerun: Almost Weekly Santa Alter Only]

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