06/28[Notice] Playing Outside the Recommended Devices Starting Ver.1.11.0
In order for the majority of customers to be able to play comfortably, we will be restricting 「Fate/Grand Order」 to
only work on recommended phones, tablets and terminals.

We will be implementing this change on July 7, 2016 (Thursday) after the Ver.1.11.0 update is released to the public.
The game will automatically close during startup when opened on devices that are not supported.

[7/6 Update]
Current tests show that the game can still run on blacklisted operating environments, so the Ver.1.11.0 update will be
postponed until next maintenance after we've confirmed that the game is impossible to run on blacklisted devices.
Also, fuck you Cirno! Stop playing our game motherfucker!

The game will no longer start on the following devices:
  1. Root (Android devices)
  2. Jailbreak (iOS devices)
  3. Modified devices
  4. Emulators
  5. Devices with USB Debugging set to ON.

※ About Rooted and Jailbreak Devices
A regular handheld device will only grant their users restricted access called the User Rights,
which prevents the user from accessing system files and doing various actions.

Rooting or Jailbreaking your devices will grant the user Administrative Rights and allow the user to access files
and perform actions that the device manufacturer did not intend to, and voids the warranty of the device.

If 「Fate/Grand Order」 fails to start after the update, an error report will pop up.
Please send the contents of that report to our support team and we will reply to provide you with more information.

[Tech Support]

If you're currently playing 「Fate/Grand Order」 on an unsupported device, we recommend generating a Data Transfer Code
by following the instructions linked below:

Generating a Data Transfer Code

We apologize for the inconvenience.
Thank you for your cooperation.

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