05/31Limited Event 「Demon Capital of Restless Spirits」 is here!

Event Summary

Event Period
May 31, 2016 (Monday) 4:00 to June 15, 2016 (Wednesday) 13:59

Event Summary
A limited event with high amount of difficulty 「Restless Drunk Demon's Capital: Rashomon」 will be held!
The event will take place in the old capital of Heian-kyo.
Join with Sakata Kintoki and take down Ibaraki Douji together!

During this event, there will be a special quest 「Restless Demon Suppression Battle」 where all players will be
fighting together to defeat Ibaraki Douji, which you have to defeat multiple times during this event.
Inflicting any amount of damage to Ibaraki Douji will reduce her overall HP and be recorded as your Damage Point.
The total Damage Points you have inflicted will determine what rewards you can get from the Mission Rewards list.
In addition, you can also clear Missions by simply clearing the quests a number of times and get rewarded.

Event Requirements
Only players who have completed 「North American Myth War - E Pluribus Unum」 can participate in this event.
※ There's currently an ongoing campaign 「Main Quest 1/2 AP Cost」 that ends on June 8 (Wednesday) 13:59.
Please clear the required Main Quests during this period and participate in the event.

Event Guidelines

  1. Challenge the 「Restless Demon Suppression Battle」 event quest by using your BP!
  2. Face Ibaraki Douji in battle and gain Damage Points every time you inflict damage to her HP.
  3. Equip Event CEs like 「Tales of the Mahavairocana King」 and 「Golden Catches a Carp」 to increase your overall Attack Power!
  4. Rack up on 「Damage Points」 and check the Rewards List from the Event Reward screen.

Restless Demon Suppression Battle Objectives

The goal of the Restless Demon Suppression Battle is to defeat Ibaraki Douji together with all the players in the game.
Restless Demon Suppression Battle is divided into 3 levels; 「Repulsion Battle」, 「Pursuing Battle」, and 「Continuous Battle」
with each quest affecting Ibaraki Douji's maximum HP.
※ You can acquire Damage Points from any of the quests above.
※ If Ibaraki Douji's overall total HP reaches 0 before the deadline, then 「Repulsion Battle」 will no longer become available.

  • Use your AP and clear Event Quests to unlock Boss Battle Quests.
  • Use your BP and clear Boss Battle Quests to reduce Ibaraki Douji's total HP.
  • Use up more BP and defeat Ibaraki Douji repeatedly to accumulate Damage Points and get more rewards!
  • Get rewarded with Onigiri which will refill your BP when consumed and allow you to battle Ibaraki Douji even more!

  • Even if you can't defeat Ibaraki Douji in time, you can still get Damage Points if you run out of turns.

Damage Point Rewards

Reward Distribution Method
You'll receive a reward each time you've gathered a predetermined number of Damage points, and is automatically received
at the end of battle. You can check the list of rewards by pressing the 「Event Rewards」 button at the upper right corner
of the screen, then selecting the 「Damage Point Rewards」 tab.

Items Acquired Through Damage Points
Target Rewards

Damage Points
[Event Limited Craft Essence]
  • 5★ (SSR) 「Tales of the Mahavairocana King」
  • 5★ (SSR) 「Golden Catches a Carp」

[Skill Enhancement & Ascension Materials]
  • Ghost Lantern
  • Homunculus Baby
  • Dragon's Reverse Scale
  • Chaos Claw
  • Black Beast Grease
  • Spirit Root

[Other Items]
  • Crystallized Lore
  • Golden Onigiri
  • Power Onigiri
  • Gold Fruit
  • Silver Fruit
  • Bronze Fruit
  • Summon Ticket
  • Mana Prism
  • QP

Mission Objectives

During this event, you can earn some rewards by clearing certain conditions.
Please note that these Missions have a deadline and you can no longer receive the rewards after that.

You can view your progress by pressing the Mission Rewards
tab while at the Event Reward screen.
You can claim your rewards once they are COMPLETED!
※ You'll only obtain the reward once you've cleared the condition.

Gathering Methods

Gathering Method 1
Event Limited Craft Essences you receive from the Exchange Shop or the Damage Point Rewards will greatly help in battle.
The 「Tales of the Mahavairocana King」 CE will increase the attack power of the equipped Servant by 200%.
In addition, the 「Golden Catches a Carp」 CE will increase the attack power of all allies (including the Sub Members) by 50%.
In short, get those Event Limited Craft Essences and earn more damage points!
Event Craft Essences
Equipped Servant Only
Attack Power +200%
All Allies (Including Sub Members)
Attack Power +50%

Gathering Method 2
Event Craft Essences from the Saint Quartz Summon (Limited) will increase the amount of Demon Gourds dropped by enemies!
※ Please note that the dropped items aren't 100% guaranteed for each quest.
Event Craft Essences
Demon Gourd +3 Demon Gourd +2 Demon Gourd +1

Event Limited Craft Essences

Image Details HP ATK
Tales of the Mahavairocana King
★★★★★ SSR
Increase Quick Card effectiveness by 10%
Increase Quick Card effectiveness of all allies by 20% (1 turn) when defeated

Increase own attack power by 200%
[Restless Drunk Demon's Capital only]
Golden Catches a Carp
★★★★★ SSR
Increase NP Gauge by 30% at the start of battle
Receive 15 critical stars when you enter battle (1 time)
Increase attack power of all allies (including Sub Members) by 50%
[Restless Drunk Demon's Capital only]

Event Item Exchange Shop

Exchange Period
May 31, 2016 (Tuesday) 4:00 to June 22 (Wednesday) 13:59
※ Demon Gourd will be removed from your inventory once the exchange period is over.

Demon Gourd Exchange
Target Rewards

Demon Gourd
[Event Limited Craft Essence]
  • 5★ (SSR) 「Tales of the Mahavairocana King」

[Skill Enhancement & Ascension Materials]
  • Heart of a Foreign God
  • Tearstone of Blood
  • Snake Jewel
  • Void's Refuse
  • Dragon Tooth

[Ascension Materials]
  • Rider Piece
  • Assassin Piece
  • Berserker Piece
  • Rider Monument
  • Assassin Monument
  • Berserker Monument

[Other Items]
  • 3★ (R) ALL-CLASS ATK Up Card
  • 3★ (R) ALL-CLASS HP Up Card
  • 4★ (SR) ALL-CLASS EXP Up Card
  • 3★ (R) ALL-CLASS EXP Up Card
  • Mana Prism
  • QP

Rashomon Pickup Summon

Pickup Summon Period
May 31, 2016 (Tuesday) 4:00 to June 15 (Wednesday) 13:59

We will be holding a limited time summoning period for Restless Drunk Demon's Capital!
The Servant 「5★ (SSR) Shuten Douji」 will make her first appearance and become available for a limited time only!

Please check the Summoning Details at the lower left corner of the screen for more information.
※ Shuten Douji will NOT be added to the Story Summon after the summoning period is over.

In addition, new Craft Essence like 「5★ (SSR) Fox's Night Dream」, 「4★ (SR) Burning Love Story」,
and 「3★ (R) Subscription List Reading」 will become available for a limited time only and can be equipped to increase
the amount of 「Demon Gourd」 that drops from enemies.

In summary, 1 Servant and 3 Craft Essences listed above will have boosted rates during this period.

10x Grand Summon will always guarantee a 4★ (SR) card or higher and at least 1 Servant with 3★ (R) minimum rarity.
※ The guaranteed 4★ (SR) card could be a Servant or a Craft Essence.
※ Rate UP will only have increased rates against Servants or Craft Essences with the same rarity.

Limited Time Servants

Image Details HP ATK
Shuten Douji
★★★★★ SSR
Senshi Bankou Shinpen Kidoku (Arts)
    Deal heavy damage to all enemies
    Slightly reduce Debuff Resist (3 turns)
    Slightly reduce defense (3 turns)
    Slightly reduce attack (3 turns)
    Slightly reduce NP damage (3 turns)
    Slightly reduce critical rate (3 turns)
    Disable enemy skill (1 turn)
    Inflict poison (5 turns)

Limited Craft Essences

Image Details HP ATK
Fox's Night Dream
★★★★★ SSR
Increase NP Gain by 20%
Receive 3 critical stars each turn

Increase Demon Gourd drops by 3
[Restless Drunk Demon's Capital only]
Burning Love Story
★★★★ SR
Increase damage against Male enemies by 25%
Increase Debuff Success Rate by 12%

Increase Demon Gourd drops by 2
[Restless Drunk Demon's Capital only]
Subscription List Reading
★★★ R
Negate defense debuff (1 time)

Increase Demon Gourd drops by 1
[Restless Drunk Demon's Capital only]

Shuten Douji

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