11/04Emergency Maintenance (11/05 14:00)
Emergency maintenance will be conducted to implement the release of the 3rd chapter.
The game will be unplayable during maintenance.

◆ Date & Time
November 5, 2015 (Wednesday) 14:00 to 19:00 (planned)
※ Start time is fixed, but end time may get extended.

◆ Content

Application Update:
  • You will have to update the game application after the maintenance ends. (Android/iOS)
    The latest version would be the following:
    Android: [Ver.1.3.0]
    iOS: [Ver.1.3.0]
  • You need to update your game through the GooglePlay or the AppStore
  • Please note that you don't have to uninstall the game.
  • If the update button doesn't appear, you can clear the cache of your GooglePlay by following the instructions below:
    1. From the Home screen, press the Menu key then select "Settings".
    2. Select ""Applications" then "Google Play Store"
    3. Select "Clear Cache"
      Be very careful not to press "Uninstall Updates".
      ※ Please note that the menu may vary depending on your terminal.

Important Notice:
  • Once the game has been updated, all the locked Servants and CEs will become unlocked again as a side effect.
  • We apologize but we humbly ask everyone to lock the content of their inventory again.
  • It should also be noted that transferring devices will have the same problem as above, so please be careful.

Game Updates and Additional Content:
  1. Addition of Chapter 3.
  2. Addition of new Servants and Craft Essences.
  3. Addition of new Interlude Quests in Chaldea Gate, Orleans and Septem.※ Affected quests are the following:
  4. Halloween Summon (Limited) has ended.
  5. Okeanos Summon (Story) will begin.
  6. Friend Point Summon update.
  7. Additional voices inside your room.※ Affected servants are the following:
  8. Updated profile information.※ Affected servants are the following:
  9. Singing Pumpkin Castle Adventure ~Mad Party 2015~ has ended.

Bug Fixes:
  1. Fix a bug where the camera faces the wrong direction when performing a Brave Chain while in High-Speed Mode.
  2. Fix a bug in the Servant selection screen when sorting by NP level.
  3. Fix a bug that causes a delay at the start of battle while drawing Command Cards.
  4. Fix a bug where the avant title does not play under specific conditions.
  5. Correction of NP description text.
    ※ Affected servants are the following:
  6. Fix some typographical errors on some text.

Game Improvements:
  1. Modify Servants Skills and Master Skills to be affected by High-Speed Mode.
  2. Modify Critical Star rate and NP accumulation to still trigger even if inflicting 0 damage.
  3. Enhance the performance of Skills and Noble Phantasm.※ Affected servants are the following:
  4. Modify the number of hits per attack of 1-hit Quick Cards into 2-hits.※ Affected servants are the following:
  5. Modify specifications of Critical Star rate to make it generate 2 or more stars per hit when it exceeds 100%.
  6. Increase Critical Star rate when using Quick Cards.
  7. Increase Critical Star rate when using Quick Cards as 1st Card Bonus.
  8. Modify the formula for calculating Critical Star rate during Overkill.(This will increase the rate when using Buster or Arts cards)
  9. Modify the Critical Percentage you receive per Critical Star from 11% to 10%.
  10. Locking a Servant will also lock any CE they have equipped.
  11. Removed the confirmation window that appears when retrieving items from your Present Box.

As apology for the emergency maintenance and the bugs mentioned above,
we will be handing out compensations to qualifying customers.

◆ Target
All players who have played the game before November 5, 2015 (Thursday) 13:59.

◆ Compensation
Saint Quartz

Stone with divine power.
A crystallization of concepts that decides many a future.
Also called a pseudo-spiritron crystal.
Saint Quartz

◆ Distribution Period
November 6, 2015 (Friday) 4:00 ~ April 30, 2016 (Saturday) 23:59

We apologize for the inconvenience.
Thank you for your cooperation.

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