10/07Fate/Grand Order Talk Event! Machi Asobi Vol.15
Machi Asobi will be holding an event with famous voice actors from "Fate/Stay Night [UBW]" and "Fate/Grand Order" at the Mt. Bizan Summit Stage.

Ueda Kana and Suwabe Junichi from "Fate/Stay Night [UBW]",
Taneda Risa from "Fate/Grand Order" will be attending the event.

◆ Outline ◆
"Fate/Stay Night [UBW]" and "Fate/Grand Order" Special Talk Stage

◆ Date & Time ◆
October 11, 2015 (Sunday) 10:00 to 11:00
※ Starting time of the event has changed.

◆ Location ◆
Tokushima, Mt. Bizan Summit Stage

◆ Starring ◆
Ueda Kana (Tohsaka Rin)
Suwabe Junichi (Archer)
Taneda Risa (Mash Kyrielite)

◆ Contents ◆
Talk Show

◆ Method ◆
Everyone is free to join. (Please come to Mt. Bizan through the ropeway or other methods)

The official site for Machi Asobi Vol.15 can be found HERE.
Thank you for your cooperation.

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