Craft Essence Profile


Name An Oni in Human Clothing
ID No. 711 Rarity ★★★★★ SSR
Cost 12 Max LV 100
ATK 500 Max ATK 2,000
HP 0 Max HP 0
Increase Critical Strength by 10%
Increase Critical Star Drop Rate by 10%
Increase NP Gauge by 30% at the start of battle
Increase ATK Strength by 100%
[Max Limit]
Increase Critical Strength by 15%
Increase Critical Star Drop Rate by 15%
Increase NP Gauge by 50% at the start of battle
Increase ATK Strength by 200%


Illustrator and Voice
Illustrator ShakaP (DELiGHTWORKS)
CV ---
Japanese English

投げて唱える「鬼は外 福は内」―――

When the seasons change, the oni come out.

The left hand holds a masu wooden box for alcohol.
The right hand holds beans.
Throw the beans and chant, "Oni wa soto, fuku wa uchi"
(Out with the oni, in with good fortune).
This event has been practiced yearly since ancient times to ward off demons.

Now then...who will be the one to fall in ruin?

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