Craft Essence Profile


Name Faithful Companions
ID No. 259 Rarity ★★★★ SR
Cost 9 Max LV 80
ATK 0 Max ATK 0
HP 600 Max HP 2,250
Increase Arts Card effectiveness by 8%
Increase NP Gain by 15%
Increase Roll of Brocade drop amount by 1
[Max Limit]
Increase Arts Card effectiveness by 10%
Increase NP Gain by 20%
Increase Roll of Brocade drop amount by 2


Illustrator and Voice
Illustrator Shino
CV ---
Japanese English


「え、愛が重い? いやーん、
To protect our master, to assist our master, to give our all for our master───

Shield bearers and headhunting warriors are no match for us.
This is how we show our devotion.

「Hm? Does love weigh you down? Oh, my!
 What a delightfully innocent way to hide your embarrassment...!
 But don't you worry, I can tell exactly what's going on
 in my dear Master's heart!♡

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