More Learning with Manga! FGO

Motto Manga de Wakaru!
Fate/Grand Order
By Riyo

Chapter Title Summary
Chapter 01 Learn More with Manga! Fate/Grand Order! This series is still alive?
Chapter 02 Let's Introduce the Servants RIP Saber with Lv.5 NP.
Chapter 03 Altria Pendragon What about Rin Shibuya?
Chapter 04 Happy New Year FGO Free materials for everyone!!
Chapter 05 The True... You can't escape the ascension hell!
Chapter 06 Noble Phantasm Animation Skip function is so useful, guys!
Chapter 07 Noble Phantasm Animation Continued Are the devs even reading this thing?
Chapter 08 New Mystic Code This isn't the new Mystic Code!!?
Chapter 09 Careful! FGO in the Bath! This should reduce lost accounts, right?
Chapter 10 Phone Walking Precaution Check for traffic when crossing the road!
Chapter 11 Cherish Mash Even though her NP can't be upgraded.
Chapter 12 Acting 5 Minutes Early Every second counts if you're FREE2PLAY!
Chapter 13 AP Charge While Sleeping Better use them all up before going to bed!
Chapter 14 Practical Use Check out Da Vinci's Workshop too!
Chapter 15 Reward Yourself This is hell you're going into!
Chapter 16 Mysterious Guy APRIL FOOL'S!
Chapter 17 Long-Awaited New Option!? Just give us the NP skip already!!
Chapter 18 Falsely Accused I didn't do it, I swear! It was an accident!!
Chapter 19 For the Future of Humanity This chapter is sponsored by FARCRY PRIMAL.
Chapter 20 More Appealing Oh boy! Not the NP skip again!!
Chapter 21 Newbie Friendly But what about the older players?
Chapter 22 The Future is Ours to Claim RIP Chaldea
Chapter 23 Altera and Bribes BAD CIVILIZATION MUST BE DESTROYED!!!
Chapter 24 Altera and Rankings PVP and Rankings!? DESTROY IT!!!
Chapter 25 Letter of Encouragement Why the hell would anyone praise the devs?
Chapter 26 Both Hands Above Her Head AYY LMAO!!!
Chapter 27 Apology Extended maintenance again!?
Chapter 28 Birthday Voices How to unlock Olga Marie's voice lines?
Chapter 29 Piro Piro Piro Piro Piro Piro Piro Piro Piro Piro
Chapter 30 Bond Level 10 Director Exposed! GONE WRONG! GONE SEXUAL!!
Chapter 31 Begging At least he's not addicted to gacha.
Chapter 32 Affinity Triangle Rock-Paper-Scissors!
Chapter 33 Voiceless Protagonist I vote Arnold Schwarzenegger to voice her!
Chapter 34 1st Year Anniversary Congratulations, Director Porco Rosso!
Chapter 35 Fate GO You mean Pokemon GO?
Chapter 36 Present Box It has an expiration now?
Chapter 37 12 Second Obstacle Not this shit again!?
Chapter 38 Grinding Services Grinding repeatly over and over again is no fun!
Chapter 39 Heart Skips a Beat My heart just skipped a beat when she said that.
Chapter 40 Say Something The devs are censoring this manga!?
Chapter 41 Are You Alright!? Welcome to Da Vinci's splend------!!!
Chapter 42 Original Character A new character?
Chapter 43 Monopoly The gacha is indeed bad civilization!
Chapter 44 Acknowledgment What th hell is she baking this time!?
Chapter 45 Exposure Astolfo (Saber) CONFIRMED!
Chapter 46 Birth A new Servant is born!
Chapter 47 True Name Just who is this pink rabbit? Melona?
Chapter 48 I Raised Olga is a bad mother I guess...
Chapter 49 To Grow How to duplicate Saint Quartz! REVEALED!!
Chapter 50 Sudden Impulse of Mash Releasing Noble Phantasm, Lord Camelot!!!
Chapter 51 Altera and Math Are the devs good civilization?
Chapter 52 Transmissions from God I guess even the heavens use electromagnetic signals.
Chapter 53 Revision of the Protagonist Mash in now the MC of Fate/Stay Night.
Chapter 54 Manju Delicious meat puns!
Chapter 55 Let's Watch Together Don't forget to watch the FGO animated special!
Chapter 56 Thank You Again This Year Happy New Year to you all!
Chapter 57 New Eggplant Throne Competition So many eggplants!
Chapter 58 Fundraising NOOOOO! *Jumps into the fire to save Kiyohime*
Chapter 59 Little Girl Character Another loli character?
Chapter 60 A Maniac Don't underestimate the power of the protagonist!
Chapter 61 Reminiscence You can now replay stories that never happened!
Chapter 62 True Name Discernment Back to the Second Archive you go.
Chapter 63 Virtual Reality Fate/GO VR feat. Kiyohime when?
Chapter 64 One's Memories Olga's dark past EXPOSED!!!
Chapter 65 Bitter RIP Jack the Ripper
Chapter 66 Past and Present You can't change the past.
Chapter 67 Restoring One's Reputation Is that a blue Ox...? Paul?
Chapter 68 Pursuing the Ideal VR is bad civilization. Solid Vision is the future!
Chapter 69 Providence of God I knew it! It was those evil corporate bastards!!
Chapter 70 Masterpiece Now I know why you cry, but it's something I can never do.
Chapter 71 Expansion Wait! Aren't those supposed to be capped at +100 slots?
Chapter 72 Escape Play 40AP Eggplant Hunt quest drops a lot of eggplants.
Chapter 73 Critical Star Shop I guess it's time for Jack to LET 'ER RIP!
Chapter 74 Hideout What the hell is a Blank Saint Graph!!?
Chapter 75 Stable Operation WHAT!? NO MORE FREE QUARTZ!!?
Chapter 76 Nation Without Conflict We will build a nation that can surpass Motherbase.
Chapter 77 Feeling of Loss This eggplant is too lewd.
Chapter 78 Mystic Code You Prefer But it takes years to max out the battlesuit!
Chapter 79 Supporters Edison done fucked it up!!

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