Learning with Manga! FGO

Manga de Wakaru!
Fate/Grand Order
By Riyo

Chapter Title Summary
Chapter 00 Prologue Please play this game!
Chapter 01 It Finally Begins! Fate/Grand Order! First day in Chaldea.
Chapter 02 Don't Underestimate the Tutorials! Skipping the Tutorial.
Chapter 03 Everyone's Favorite!? Saint Quartz Summon! Addicted to Gacha.
Chapter 04 Connect With Friends! Who Needs Friend Points?
Chapter 05 Fight By Combining Cards Command Order Battle System.
Chapter 06 Help! Support Character! Solo Support = Extra Attack
Chapter 07 Raising your Servants Throbbing Noble Phantasm.
Chapter 08 Manage AP Efficiently Olga Marie's Tea Time.
Chapter 09 Deepen Your Bonds With Your Servants Where's the Sex Scene?
Chapter 10 Login Daily for Rewards Play with your Servants while you're at it!
Chapter 11 Strengthening Your Servants! Ascend them for cooler sprites!
Chapter 12 Let's Do Daily Quests! Gudako is now a viking!
Chapter 13 Enjoy the Events! Poor Olga stuck in prologue.
Chapter 14 Let's Equip Craft Essences! Orleans? RIP Olga
Chapter 15 Learned with Manga! Fate/Grand Order The End

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