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Main Record

Main Record 1 / Observer on Timeless Temple

Singularity F:
Flame Contaminated City: Fuyuki (AD. 2004)

First Singularity:
Holy Maiden of Salvation
Hundred Years' War of the Evil Dragons: Orleans (AD. 1431)

Second Singularity:
Empress of Rose
Eternal Madness Empire: Septem (AD. 60)

Third Singularity:
Voyager of the Storm
Sealed Ends of the Four Seas: Okeanos (AD. 1573)

Fourth Singularity:
Londinium Knight
The Mist City: London (AD. 1888)

Fifth Singularity:
Queen of the White Robe
North American Myth War: E Pluribus Unum (AD. 1783)

Sixth Singularity:
Agateram the Shining
Divine Realm of the Round Table: Camelot (AD. 1273)

Seventh Singularity:
Chain of the Heaven
Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia (BC. 2600)

Final Singularity:
The Rain of Stars
The Grand Temple of Time: Solomon
Main Record 1.5 / Epic of Remnant

Pseudo-Singularity I:
Shinjuku Phantom Incident
Quarantined Territory of Malice: Shinjuku (AD. 1999)

Pseudo-Singularity II:
Women of Agartha
Mythical Subterranean World: Agartha (AD. 2000)

Pseudo-Singularity III:
Seven Duels of Swordmasters
Stage of Corpse and Blood: Shimousa (AD. 1639)

Pseudo-Singularity IV:
Heretical Salem
Forbidden Descent Garden: Salem (AD. 1692)
Main Record 2 / Cosmos in the Lostbelt

Lostbelt Prologue:
Ground Zeroes
Opening / December 26, 2017 (AD. 2017)

Lostbelt No.1:
Grand Duchess of the Beast Nation
Permafrost Empire: Anastasia (AD. 1570?)

Lostbelt No.2:
Cheerful Man of the Unfading Flames
Timeless Frozen Flame Era: Goetterdaemmerung (BC. 1000?)

Lostbelt No.3:
Crimson Beauty Under the Moon
Synchronized Intellect Nation: SIN (AD. 0210?)

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