News 2019

01/01Happy New Year 2020!
01/01Limited New Year's Special 「Lucky Bag Summon 2020 (Class)」 is here!
01/01「New Year 2020 Pickup Summon (Daily)」 is here!
01/01Limited Event 「Revival: Activity Log of the Sparrow's Inn ~Enmatei Prosperity Chronicles~ Lite」 soon!
01/22Limited Event 「Rescue! Amazones Dot Com ~CEO Crisis 2020~」 is here!
01/22「Amazones Dot Com Premium Pickup Summon (Daily)」!
02/01「Fate/Grand Order -Epic of Remnant-」 Pseudo-Singularity I Comic Release Commemoration Campaign!
02/01「Pseudo-Singularity I Comic Release Commemoration Pickup Summon (Daily)」!
02/05「Interlude Story Campaign: Part 12」 is here!
02/05「Interlude Story Campaign: Part 12 Pickup Summon (Daily)」!
02/10「Valentine's 2020 ~Murasaki Shikibu and the 5 Party Girl Corps~」 is here!
02/10「Valentine's 2020 Pickup Summon (Daily)」!

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