News 2018

01/01New Year 2018 Campaign!
01/01Limited 「Lucky Bag Summon 2018」 is here!
01/01Limited 「New Year 2018 Pickup Summon (Daily)」 is here!
01/08「Mortalis:Stella」 and 「Turas Realta」 Comics Release Campaign!
01/10Limited Event 「Rerun: Da Vinci and the 7 Counterfeit Heroic Spirits」 is here!
01/13900th Day Celebration Campaign
01/143rd Fate/Grand Order User Survey
01/14Setsubun Drinking Banquet Picture Scroll: Kiraku Hundred-Story Pagoda
01/22Limited Event 「Setsubun Drinking Banquet Picture Scroll: Kiraku Hundred-Story Pagoda」 is here!
01/28Fate/EXTRA Last Encore Anime Broadcast Commemoration Campaign
01/31Limited Event 「Valentine's 2018 ~Prosperous Chocolate Gardens of Valentine~」 is here!
02/07Limited 「Rerun Valentine's 2017 Pickup Summon」 is here!
02/14Maintenance Notice (2/15 13:00)
02/11Collab Event 「Rerun: Kara no Kyoukai / the Garden of Order -Revival-」 is here!
02/21FGO Winter Fest 2017-2018 ~Grand Thanksgiving of Pharaohs in Winter~
02/26FGO THE STAGE Blu-ray & DVD Release Commemoration Campaign!
02/2712 Million Downloads Breakthrough Campaign Coming Soon!
02/2812 Million Downloads Breakthrough Campaign
02/28Servant Rank Up Quest: Part 8!
03/07Chaldea Boys Collection 2018 CE Present Campaign!
03/07Limited 「Chaldea Boys Collection 2018」 is here!
03/071.2 Million Twitter Followers Commemoration!
03/15Limited Event 「Rerun: SABER WARS ~Lily's Cosmic Warrior Training~ Lite Version」 is here!
03/20New Interlude Story Released!
03/25Episode 2 Chapter 1 「Lostbelt No.1: Permafrost Empire, Anastasia」 is coming!
03/28[Chaldea PR Department] Game Update on April 4 (Wed)
03/28AP Cost 1/4 and 1/2 Campaign!
03/28Limited 「Each Class Pickup Summon (Daily)」 is here!
04/01「Fate/Grand Order」 x 「Overlord」 Collaboration is here!
04/01Fate/Grand Order Gutentag Omen Adios Release Commemoration Campaign!
04/03Episode 2 Chapter 1 「Lostbelt No.1: Permafrost Empire, Anastasia」 is here!
04/11Limited 「Anastasia Pickup 2 Summon」 is here!
04/18Limited Event 「Rerun: Starry Sanzang, Goes to Tianzhu -Lite Version-」 is here!
04/231000th Day Celebration Campaign
04/24Fate/Apocrypha x FGO Special Event Pickup Summon (Daily)
04/29Fate/Apocrypha x FGO Special Event Pre-Opening Campaign
04/29Fate/Apocrypha x FGO Collaboration 「Apocrypha/Inheritance of Glory」
05/09Interlude Story Campaign: Part 5
05/10Limited Event 「Murder at the KOGETSUKAN」 is here!
05/10Fate/Grand Order Spring Mystery Fair 2018 Campaign
05/18Limited Event 「Rerun: Fate/GUDAGUDA Meiji Ishin Lite Version」 is here!
05/23Limited 「Okita Souji Pickup Summon」 is here!
05/29[Chaldea PR Department] Nico Nico Live Stream Special
05/3013 Million Downloads Breakthrough Campaign
06/06「Fate/EXTELLA LINK」 Release Commemoration Campaign
06/07Limited Event 「GUDAGUDA Teito Seihai Kitan」 is coming!

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