News 2017

01/01Happy New Year 2017!
01/01Limited New Year's Special 「Lucky Bag Summon 2017」 !
01/01Limited 「New Year 2017 Pickup Summon」 !
01/10「Training Ground 1/2 AP Cost Campaign」 is here!
01/10Regular Maintenance (01/11 15:00)
01/10Limited 「"Old Man of the Mountain" Pickup Summon」 is here!
01/10Limited Event 「Rerun: Do Moon Goddesses Dream of Dango?」 is here!
01/13Special Maintenance (01/16 1:00AM)
01/17Regular Maintenance (01/18 15:00)
01/17Limited Event 「Rerun: Vengeful Demon's Wail at the Prison Tower」 is here!
01/24Regular Maintenance (01/25 15:00)
01/318 Million Downloads Campaign!
02/01Regular Maintenance (02/01 15:00)
02/012nd Fate/Grand Order User Survey
02/03[Chaldea PR Department] Game Updates for Early February
02/07Rerun: Chocolate Lady's Commotion ~Valentine's 2016~
02/07Valentine's 2017 Pickup Summon
02/07Regular Maintenance (02/08 14:00)
02/14Regular Maintenance
02/21[Chaldea PR Department] Nico Nico Live Stream Special
02/21Regular Maintenance (02/24 14:00)
02/17「Pseudo-Singularity I: Malignant Isolated Demonic Realm - Shinjuku」 Soon!
03/01「Shinjuku Pickup Summon 2」 is here!
03/01Regular Maintenance (03/01 15:00)
03/03Rerun CHALDEA BOYS COLLECTION 2016 Pickup Summon
03/03「CHALDEA BOYS COLLECTION 2016」 Limited CE Giveaway Campaign
03/07Regular Maintenance
03/07CHALDEA BOYS COLLECTION 2017 Pickup Summon
03/07「CHALDEA BOYS COLLECTION 2017」 Limited CE Giveaway Campaign
03/13Rerun: Fate/GUDAGUDA Honnoji
03/13Regular Maintenance (03/15 14:00)
03/26「Fate/Grand Order」 Latest Information from 「Fate Project 2017」
03/27Regular Maintenance (03/29 2:00AM)
03/28Limited 「Class Pickup Summon」 is here!
03/30Limited Event 「GUDAGUDA Meiji Ishin」 Coming Soon!
04/01「Fate/Grand Order Gutentag Omen」 Release Celebration Campaign!
04/01「Fate/Grand Order Gutentag Omen」 Termination of Service
04/01「Fate/Grand Order」 x 「Atelier」 Collaboration is Here!
04/17Fate/EXTRA CCC x Fate/Grand Order Special Event Campaign!
04/19Game Update (04/19 17:00)
04/21「Fate/EXTRA CCC x Fate/Grand Order GW EX Special Event」 is coming!
04/28「Fate/EXTRA CCC x Fate/Grand Order GW EX Special Event」 is here!
04/30Regular Maintenance (05/01 14:00)
05/10「Fate/EXTRA CCC Special Event Pickup 2 Summon」 is here!
05/239 Million Downloads Campaign!
05/23「Hunting Quest: Part 3」 is here!
05/23「Servant Rank Up Quest: Part 6」 is here!
06/06Main Quest 1/2 AP Campaign & Rerun Shinjuku Pickup Summon
06/12Limited Event 「Rerun: Celestial Demon Tales - Onigashima Light Version」 !
06/14Game Update Notification (06/14 18:00)
06/16[Chaldea PR Department] Game Updates for Late June to Early July
06/19[Chaldea PR Department] Nico Nico Live Stream Special
06/23「Pseudo-Singularity II: Mythical Subterranean World - Agartha」 Coming Soon!
06/29Maintenance Notice (06/29 14:00)
07/03[Chaldea PR Department] Game Updates for Mid July to Late July
07/04Limited 「Agartha Pickup Summon 2」 is here!
07/05Game Update Notice (07/05 18:00)
07/05「Interlude Story Campaign: Part 1」 is here!
07/11Rerun: Chaldea Summer Memory ~White Beach of Healing~ Lite Version
07/12Maintenance Notice (07/12 13:00)
07/13FGO THE STAGE Performance Celebration Campaign!
07/17Special Maintenance Notice (07/18 1:00AM)
07/18Rerun: Chaldea Heat Odyssey ~Progress of Civilization~ Lite Version
07/19Maintenance Notice (07/20 17:00AM)
07/29「FGO Fes. 2017 ~2nd Anniversary~」 Memorial Quest 47 Craft Essences Released!
07/29「Learning with Manga! Fate/Grand Order」 Compilation Book Release!
07/29「Fate/Grand Order VR feat. Mash Kyrielight」 Playstation Store Release Confirmed!
07/29「Fate/Grand Order Arcade」 Revealed!
07/30「FGO Fes. 2017 ~2nd Anniversary~ Singularity Pickup Summon」
07/30「FGO Fes. 2017 ~2nd Anniversary~ Lucky Bag Summon」
08/02FGO Fes. 2017 ~2nd Anniversary~
08/02「All The Statesmen! ~Learning with Manga USA Development History~」 Limited Event!
08/02「Servant Rank Up Quest: Part 7」 is here!
08/09Maintenance Notice (08/09 13:00)
08/09Limited Event 「Dead Heat Summer Race! ~Ishtar Cup of Hope and Dreams 2017~」 is here!
08/17Scheduled Maintenance Delayed
08/17Maintenance Notice (08/17 10:30)
08/17「Death Jail Summer Escape!」 Escape Support Campaign!
08/17Limited Event 「Death Jail Summer Escape!! ~Medb's Great Prison of Sin and Despair 2017~」 is here!
08/24Emergency Maintenance (8/23 16:50)
08/24Limited 「Death Jail Summer Escape! Pickup Summon 2 (Daily)」 is here!
08/25「Fate/Kaleid Liner PRISMA☆ILLYA Movie: Oath Under Snow」 Release Campaign!
08/30Free Quest 1/2 AP Cost Campaign!
08/30Limited 「Class Pickup Summon」 is here!
09/06Limited Event 「Nero Fest Once More ~2017 Autumn~」 is here!
09/13Limited 「KYO-MAF 2017 Exhibit Commemoration Pickup Summon (Daily)」 is here!
09/2010 Million Downloads Breakthrough Campaign Announcement!
09/27Rerun: Halloween Comeback! Mega Huge Pumpkin Village Lite Version
09/29FGO THE STAGE Autumn Performance Commemoration Campaign
10/04「Interlude Story Campaign: Part 2」 is here!
10/06800th Day Celebration Campaign
10/08「Fate/Stay Night [Heaven's Feel]」 Theatrical Release Commemoration Campaign
10/08[Chaldea PR Department] Nico Nico Live Stream Special
10/11Maintenance Notice (10/11 13:00)
10/08「Pseudo-Singularity III: Stage of Corpses and Blood - Shimousa」 is here!
10/21Limited 「Shimousa Pickup Summon 2 (Daily)」 is here!
10/20Maintenance Notice (10/20 1:00AM)
10/23Limited Event 「Halloween Strike! Evil Build Climber / Great Battle at Himeji Castle」 is here!
11/02「Interlude Story Campaign: Part 3」 is here!
11/05Emergency Maintenance Notice (11/05 8:45AM)
11/06Emergency Maintenance Notice (11/06 17:15)
11/07「Halloween Strike! Evil Build Climber / Great Battle at Himeji Castle」 Extended!
11/07「Fate/Stay Night [Heaven's Feel]」 Theatrical Release 「Theater Attendance Privilege」 Extended!
11/07Fate/Apocrypha Anime Broadcast Commemoration Campaign!
11/15Limited Event 「Rerun: The Second Generation is Alter-chan ~2016 Christmas~ Lite Version」 is here!
11/2211 Million Downloads Breakthrough Campaign Announcement!
11/27[Chaldea PR Department] Nico Nico Live Stream Special
11/28Fate/Grand Order VR feat. Mash Kyrielight Commemoration Campaign!
11/28「Pseudo-Singularity IV: Forbidden Descent Garden - Salem」 is here!
12/06Limited 「Salem Pickup 2 Summon」 is here!
12/07「Interlude Story Campaign: Part 4」 is here!
12/09Limited Event 「Merry Christmas in the Underworld」 is coming!
12/14Limited Event 「Merry Christmas in the Underworld」 is here!
12/15Maintenance Notice (12/15 13:00)
12/18Application Update Notice (12/18 18:00)
12/20Application Update Notice (12/20 15:00)
12/26Main Record 2 Prologue 「Opening / December 26, 2017」 is here!
12/26Main Record 2 Prologue 「Opening / December 26, 2017」 Release Campaign!
12/31Main Record 2 Prologue 「Opening / December 31, 2017」 is here!

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