News 2016

01/01New Year 2016 Campaign Announcement!
01/05Regular Maintenance (01/06 14:00)
01/08Additional Ember Gathering on Sunday's Daily Quests!
01/12Regular Maintenance (01/13 14:00)
01/12Ember Gathering Daily Quest 1/2 AP Cost Campaign!
01/13「London Pickup Summon 2」 is here!
01/13Application Update Notice (01/13 19:30)
01/14Emergency Maintenance (01/14 1:00AM)
01/15Limited Event 「Saber Wars ~Lily's Cosmic Warrior Training~」 Coming Soon!
01/19Regular Maintenance (01/20 14:00)
01/19Limited Event 「Saber Wars ~Lily's Cosmic Warrior Training~」 is here!
01/26Regular Maintenance (01/27 14:00)
01/271st Fate/Grand Order User Survey
01/29Updates for Mid-February
02/02Regular Maintenance (02/03 14:00)
02/035 Million Downloads Campaign!
02/03Application Update Notice (02/03 19:40)
02/09Limited Event 「Chocolate Lady's Commotion ~Valentine's 2016~」 is here!
02/09Regular Maintenance (02/09 14:00)
02/11Emergency Maintenance (02/10 19:30)
02/12200 Days Anniversary Campaign
02/15Updates for Late February
02/16Regular Maintenance (02/17 14:00)
02/17Collaboration Event Announcement
02/23Collaboration Event 「Kara no Kyoukai / The Garden of Order」 is here!
02/23Regular Maintenance (02/25 1:00AM)
02/25Emergency Maintenance (02/25 23:00)
02/29Bug Fixes (02/29 19:00)
03/01Regular Maintenance (03/02 14:00)
03/03Unsupported Devices After the 2/25 (Thur) Update
03/04[Chaldea PR Department] Game Updates for Late March to Early April
03/07Event Information & Main Quest 1/2 AP Cost Campaign
03/07CHALDEA BOYS COLLECTION 2016 Limited Summon
03/07CHALDEA BOYS COLLECTION 2016 Limited CE Giveaway Campaign
03/08Regular Maintenance (03/09 14:00)
03/14Challenge Event 「Prison Tower's Howling Demon of Vengeance」 is here!
03/15Regular Maintenance (03/16 14:00)
03/22Training Ground 1/2 AP Cost Campaign!
03/22Regular Maintenance (03/23 14:00)
03/23Anime Japan 2016 Memorial Exhibit Campaign and Karna & Arjuna Summon!
03/24Emergency Maintenance (03/25 2:00AM)
03/25Emergency Maintenance (03/27 18:00)
03/26AnimeJapan 2016 Campaign Failure Notification
03/27「Fate Project 2016」 New Announcement Celebration Event Quest!
03/27「Servant Rank Up Quest: Part 1」 is here!
03/29Fifth Singularity 「North American Myth War - E Pluribus Unum」 is Coming!
03/29Regular Maintenance (03/30 14:00)
04/04[Chaldea PR Department] Game Updates for Late April to Early May
04/04Generating a Data Transfer Code
04/05Regular Maintenance (04/06 14:00)
04/11Limited Event 「Da Vinci and the Seven Fake Heroic Spirits」 is here!
04/11Emergency Maintenance (04/11 14:00)
04/11Emergency Maintenance (04/11 19:45)
04/11Emergency Maintenance (04/11 21:50)
04/13Regular Maintenance (04/13 14:00)
04/16Emergency Maintenance (04/16 21:50)
04/17Emergency Maintenance (04/17 02:45AM)
04/19Emergency Maintenance (04/19 01:00AM)
04/21Regular Maintenance (04/21 14:00)
04/18Fate/Zero x Fate/Grand Order Special Event Open Discussion!
04/20Fate/Zero x Fate/Grand Order Special Event Open Discussion!
04/20「Fate/Accel Zero Order」 7 Days Pre-Opening Campaign!
04/25Machi ★ Asobi Vol.16 Exhibit Information & Celebration Gift
04/26Emergency Maintenance (04/26 12:15)
04/27Regular Maintenance (04/27 22:00)
04/26Fate/Zero x Fate/Grand Order Special Event 「Fate/Accel Zero Order」 is here!
04/27Maximum Bond Level Increased: Part 1!
04/28Emergency Maintenance (04/28 1:00AM)
05/10Regular Maintenance (05/11 14:00)
05/11Limited Summon 「E Pluribus Unum Pickup Summon 2」 is here!
05/11Maximum Bond Level Increased: Part 2!
05/09「Servant Rank Up Quest: Part 2」 is here!
05/17Regular Maintenance (05/18 14:00)
05/18Limited Summon 「E Pluribus Unum Pickup Summon 3」 is here!
05/18Event Information & Main Quest 1/2 AP Cost Campaign!
05/19300 Days Anniversary Campaign
05/24Regular Maintenance (05/25 14:00)
05/25Emergency Maintenance (05/25 17:05)
05/25Limited Summon 「Sakata Kintoki Pickup Summon」 is here!
05/29Regular Maintenance (05/30 22:00)
05/31Maximum Bond Level Increased: Part 3!
05/31Limited Event 「Demon Capital of Restless Spirits」 is here!
06/07Application Update Notice (06/07 12:45)
06/14Regular Maintenance (06/15 14:00)
06/15Maximum Bond Level Increased: Part 4!
06/10Limited Event 「Starry Sanzou Goes to India」 is here!
06/22Regular Maintenance (06/22 14:00)
06/28Regular Maintenance (06/28 14:00)
06/29Maximum Bond Level Increased: Part 5!
06/276 Million Downloads Campaign! (Updated: 6/29)
06/27「Servant Rank Up Quest: Part 3」 is here!
07/06Regular Maintenance (07/06 14:00)
07/06Ember Gathering Daily Quest 1/2 AP Cost Campaign!
06/28[Notice] Playing Outside the Recommended Devices Starting Ver.1.11.0
07/06Sixth Singularity 「Divine Realm of the Round Table: Camelot」 coming soon!
07/04Limited Event 「Celestial Demon Tales: Onigashima」 coming soon!
07/08Regular Maintenance (07/11 14:00)
07/08Limited Event 「Celestial Demon Tales: Onigashima」 is here!
07/14Application Update Notice (07/14 20:30)
07/22Sixth Singularity 「Divine Realm of the Round Table: Camelot」 is here!
07/24Special Maintenance (07/25 14:00)
07/30「FGO Summer Festival 2016 ~1st Anniversary~」 is here!
07/30「FGO Summer Festival 2016 ~1st Anniversary~ Mystery Bag」!
07/30Maximum Bond Level Increased: Part 6!
08/02Regular Maintenance (8/3 14:00)
07/30「Servant Rank Up Quest: Part 4」 is here!
08/08Limited Event 「FGO 2016 Summer: Chaldea Summer Memory」 is here!
08/09Regular Maintenance (08/11 14:00)
08/11Maximum Bond Level Increased: Part 7!
08/17Regular Maintenance (08/17 14:00)
08/21Limited Event 「Chaldea Heat Odyssey ~Progress of Civilization~」 is here!
08/29Limited 「Camelot 2 Pickup Summon」 is here!
08/29Main Quest 1/2 AP Cost Campaign!
08/30400 Days Anniversary Campaign
08/30Regular Maintenance (08/31 14:00)
08/31Maximum Bond Level Increased: Part 8!
09/02Collaboration Event 「Magical Girl Cruise ~Prisma Cause~」 is coming!
09/05Collaboration Event 「Magical Girl Cruise ~Prisma Cause~」 is here!
09/06Regular Maintenance (09/08 14:00)
09/13Regular Maintenance (09/14 14:00)
09/20Application Update Notice (09/20 18:00)
09/20Regular Maintenance (09/21 14:00)
09/20Limited 「Class Pickup Summon」 is here!
09/20Free Quest 1/2 AP Cost Campaign & Daily Quest Slight Renewal
09/21Maximum Bond Level Increased: Part 9!
09/26Special Maintenance (09/26 1:00AM)
09/26Changes Regarding Mash Kyrielight's Character Voice (CV)
09/27Limited Event 「Nero Festival Once More ~2016 Autumn~」 is here!
09/28Regular Maintenance (09/28 14:00)
09/29Special Maintenance (09/30 23:00)
09/30Mana Prism Exchange Limited Craft Essence
10/047 Million Downloads Campaign!
10/04「Servant Rank Up Quest: Part 5」 is here!
10/04Regular Maintenance (10/05 15:00)
10/05Maximum Bond Level Increased: Part 10!
10/05Nero Festival Once More ~2016 Autumn~ Difficulty Adjustments (10/05 22:15)
10/05Emergency Maintenance (10/05 22:36)
10/10Extra Maintenance (10/11 0:00AM)
10/12Regular Maintenance (10/12 14:00)
10/11Limited Event 「Rerun: Singing Pumpkin Castle Adventure」 is here!
10/11Limited Event 「Halloween Comeback! Mega☆Huge Pumpkin Village」 is here!
10/15Rare Prism Exchange 「Journey's Beginning」 Changes
10/18Limited Event 「Halloween Comeback! Mega☆Huge Pumpkin Village」 is here!
10/19Regular Maintenance (10/19 15:00)
10/19Maximum Bond Level Increased: Part 11!
10/26Regular Maintenance (10/26 15:00)
11/01Regular Maintenance (11/02 23:00)
11/02[Chaldea PR Department] Nico Nico Livestream Special Program
11/03Maximum Bond Level Increased: Part 12!
11/03「Fate/EXTELLA」 Launch Celebration Campaign!
11/04[Chaldea PR Department] Game Updates for Late November
11/08Regular Maintenance (11/09 15:00)
11/08「Knights of the Round Table Pickup Summon」 is here!
11/09「Hunting Quest: Part 2」 is here!
11/11Limited Event 「Rerun: Almost Weekly Santa Alter」 is here!
11/16Maximum Bond Level Increased: Part 13!
11/17Regular Maintenance (11/16 14:00)
11/21Regular Maintenance (11/22 15:00)
11/22Limited Event 「The Second Generation is Alter-chan」 coming soon!
11/22Special Maintenance (11/24 1:00AM)
11/25Limited Event 「The Second Generation is Alter-chan」 is here!
11/25Regular Maintenance (11/28 14:00)
11/28Maximum Bond Level Increased: Part 14!
11/30Limited Gacha 「Altera Pickup Summon」 is Here!
12/01[Chaldea PR Department] Nico Nico Livestream Special Program
12/06Seventh Singularity 「Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia」 is here!
12/07「New Year TV Special Memorial Craft Essence Quest」 is here!
12/07Regular Maintenance (12/07 17:00)
12/07Maximum Bond Level Increased: Part 15!
12/10500 Days Anniversary Campaign
12/13「Seventh Singularity Clear Campaign」 Extended!
12/14Limited 「Babylonia Pickup Summon 2」 is here!
12/14Final Singularity 「Grand Time Temple: Solomon」 Coming Soon!
12/17Updated 「Final Battle Preparation Campaign」!
12/17Final Singularity 「Grand Time Temple: Solomon」 is here!
12/20Regular Maintenance (12/22 14:00)

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