12/18「Lostbelt No.5 Age of God's Great Divine Ocean: Atlantis」 is here!


「Lostbelt No.5: Atlantis」 Opening
The stage for Lostbelt No.5 「Age of God's Great Divine Ocean - The Day to Shoot Down God」 is set on Atlantis.
Enjoy this new story as it unfolds as an advanced civilization develops on a legendary island surrounded by coastal waters!

  • All screenshots on this page are a work in progress and may vary from the actual release.

Release Date
December 18, 2019 (Wednesday) 21:00

Clear Main Record 2 Chapter 4 「Lostbelt No.4: World's Creation and Destruction Cycle, Yuga Kshetra - The Black Final God」
※ Clearing the Pseudo-Singularities (I to IV) is not required.

Lostbelt No.5 CM!

Lostbelt No.5 Age of God's Great Divine Ocean: Atlantis - The Day to Shoot Down God

Animation Production: A-1 Pictures

Lostbelt No.5 Crypter 「Kirschtaria Wodime」!

New Ascension & Skill Enhancement Materials!

New items will be introduced starting the release of Lostbelt No.5!
These item will be needed as materials for Ascension & Skill Enhancement of new Servants.
They will drop from enemies and can be acquired from Lostbelt No.5 Main Quests.

Crown of Light Silver
A crown that shines like moonlight.
It is given to those who offer themselves to the gods.

Fragment of a Twinkling Star
A mysterious ore that looks like it came from a twinkling star that fell from the night sky.

New Battle Motion & Noble Phantasm Renewal!

We will be renewing the battle motion and NP animation of 「3★ (R) Hektor」!

Renewal Date
December 18, 2019 (Wednesday) 21:00

Hektor - Durindana

New Features Implemented with the Update!

We will be implementing new features during the application update scheduled on December 16, 2019 (Monday).

Implementation Date
December 16, 2019 (Monday) 18:00

Added Support Setup copy feature!

A feature that will allow you to copy your Support Setup to another slot while on the Support Formation screen will be added. In addition, you can also use 「Delete Setup and Clear Name」.

Added HP and ATK sorting feature to various screens!

During Servant selection, the feature that allows you to sort by HP or ATK Enhancement has been extended to also include the Party Formation screen and Servant Skill Enhancement screen.

Added Event Bonus filter to the Spirit Origin List!

The Event Bonus filter can now be used on the Spirit Origin List screen. Use this feature to check the details of Servants eligible for events.

Remove the expiration date for important items in your Present Box!

We will remove the expiration date for some important items in your Present Box, such as Wardrobe Keys and Bond Craft Essences. In addition, we will also add an icon to indicate which items are eligible.

  • This will also apply to items already in your Present Box before this feature was implemented.

In addition, the following news is also being held simultaneously!
Please check the banner below for more information.

■ 「Atlantis Pickup Summon (Daily)」 is here!

■ 「Lostbelt No.5 Age of God's Great Divine Ocean: Atlantis」 Pre-Opening Campaign!

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