09/09Limited Event 「Battle in New York 2019」 is coming soon!

Event Summary

Event Period
September 18, 2019 (Wednesday) 18:00 to October 2, 2019 (Wednesday) 12:59

Event Summary
The Limited Time Event 「Battle in New York 2019」 is here!
The festival where the position of the planet's "strongest" will be on the line will be held again this year.
Let's battle our way for control, become the strongest, and reap those rewards!

The Limited Time Event 「Battle in New York 2019」 will center around battles.
Enhance your Servants and prepare for the event!

Event Requirement
Only Masters who meet the following requirements can participate.
・ Clear 「Singularity F: Flame Contaminated City - Fuyuki」

[Updated 09/13 (Fri) 18:00]
This event is a sequel to the Limited Time Event 「Battle in New York 2018」 which was held last year.
Continuing from last year, you can acquire various items from the prize roulette (you will be able to roll the prize roulette an unlimited number of times).

In addition, the following content are also being held simultaneously!
Please check the banners below for more information.

■ 「Battle in New York 2019 Pre-Opening Campaign」

■ 「Class Pickup Summon (Daily)」

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