07/03Limited Event 「ALL Nobunaga Attack GUDAGUDA Final Honnoji 2019」 is here!

Event Summary

Event Summary
The Limited Time Event 「ALL Nobunaga Full Charge GUDAGUDA Final Honnoji 2019」 is coming soon!

The requirement to become eligible for this event is to clear 「Singularity F: Flame Contaminated City Fuyuki」.
Let's clear the very first singularity in the main story to participate in this event!

You suddenly find yourself in the Sengoku era where local warlords fight for dominance!
Well, that type of story has been told often nowadays, but it appears that this time around,
the situation is quite different than what's written in the history books......

The great GUDAGUDA war that's unprecedented in history is about to begin!

Event Period
July 4, 2019 (Thursday) 18:00 to July 18, 2019 (Thursday) 12:59

Event Eligibility
Only Masters who have completed the following requirements will be eligible to participate:
  • Clear 「Singularity F: Flame Contaminated City Fuyuki」

  • GUDAGUDA Final Honnoji 2019 CM!

    ALL Nobunaga Full Charge GUDAGUDA Final Honnoji 2019 CM
    Animation Production: A-1 Pictures

    How to Play the Event!

    Fight alongside Nagao Kagetora!

    As the story progresses, Nagao Kagetora will temporarily join your party!

    Clear Event Quests and gather Military Provisions!

    Clearing Event Quests will reward you with 3 types of items, 「Hundred-Man Rations」, 「Black Gunpowder」, 「Tatara Iron」, and QP!
    The amount you receive will vary based on your 「Productivity」!

    Clear Suppression Quests and expand your domain!

    Use your Military Provision to challenge Suppression Quests, which will expand your domain once cleared!
    As your domain expands, your 「Productivity」 will increase!

    Gather event items and exchange them for rewards!

    Gather 「Formation Miso」, 「Irrelevant Salt」, 「Ramie Thread」 and exchange them for prizes at the shop!
    You can increase the amount of drops you receive by equipping Limited Time Craft Essences!

    Permanently recruit Nagao Kagetora as your Servant!

    By clearing all Main Quests including the Epilogue, Nagao Kagetora will officially join your party!

    Main Quest - Epilogue Release Date!

    The Epilogue, which is required for the Limited Time Servant 「4★ (SR) Nagao Kagetora」 to officially join, will be released at a later date.

    Epilogue Release Date
    July 11, 2019 (Thursday) 18:00

    • Please be aware that the Nagao Kagetora you recruited during the starting Main Quest of the event is only temporary.

    Military Provision Production

    Certain Event Quests will reward you with 「Hundred-Man Rations」, 「Black Gunpowder」, 「Tatara Iron」, and QP as Military Provisions. The more you expand upon your domain, the more your Military Provision Productivity will increase, which means you will be able to produce more supplies for your army.

    Suppression Quest

    You can challenge Suppression Quests by consuming Military Provisions you've produced. Clearing these quests will expand your domain, which gives you one step closer to unifying all the land. In addition, failing to clear these Suppression Quests will not consume your Military Provisions.

    Event Quest NPC Servants

    During this event, you can increase the amount of NPC Servants you can use as support before the start of a quest by clearing 「Promotion Events」. Depending on the quest, certain NPC Servants will be labeled as 「optimal」 for the role and make the quest easier to clear, so don't forget to choose the correct support.

    Hints and Strategies!

    Hints and Strategies, Part 1

    During this event period, 「4★ (SR) Nagao Kagetora」 will receive double the amount of EXP during synthesis!
    Don't miss this chance to raise 「4★ (SR) Nagao Kagetora」 who is eligible for the Event Bonus!

    July 4, 2019 (Thursday) 18:00 to July 18, 2019 (Thursday) 12:59

    Hints and Strategies, Part 2

    During this event, bringing specific Servants into your party will grant certain bonuses like 「Increase ATK Strength」 and 「Increase Bond Points acquired」 while doing Event Quests!
    Strengthen the eligible Servants and prepare them to challenge the event!

    • Event Bonus will vary from Servant to Servant.
    • Mash Kyrielight's 「Increase Bond Points acquired」 effect will not apply to her but to all other party members instead (Sub Members included). This effect will not activated when used as Support.
    • Starting June 28 (Friday) 18:00, 「Next Event」 filter will be implemented to the Servant Synthesis and Servant Selection screens.
      This feature will make it easier for you to find Bonus Servants that you need to prepare for the upcoming event.


    [Eligible Servants]
    ATK Bond Class Rarity Servants
    +100%Self +50%Lancer★★★★Nagao Kagetora
    +100%Self +50%Avenger★★★★★Demon King Nobunaga (Oda Nobunaga)
    +50%Self +20%Saber★★★★★Okita Souji
    +50%Self +20%Archer★★★★Oda Nobunaga
    +50%Self +20%Rider★★★★Sakamoto Ryouma
    +50%Self +20%Assassin★★★★★Li Shuwen
    +50%Self +20%Assassin★★★Okada Izou
    +50%Self +20%Berserker★★★★★Hijikata Toshizo
    +50%Self +20%Berserker★★★★Oda Nobunaga
    +50%Self +20%Berserker★★★★Chacha
    +50%Self +20%Berserker★★★Mori Nagayoshi
    +50%Self +20%Alterego★★★★★Okita Souji (Alter)
    +50%All +5%Shielder★★★Mash Kyrielight
    +30%Self +20%Saber★★★★Nero Claudius
    +30%Self +20%Archer★★★★Emiya
    +30%Self +20%Archer★★★★Emiya (Alter)
    +30%Self +20%Saber★★★★Altria Pendragon (Alter)
    +30%Self +20%Lancer★★★Cu Chulainn
    +30%Self +20%Rider★★★Ushiwakamaru
    +30%Self +20%Rider★★★Medusa
    +30%Self +20%Caster★★★Medea
    +30%Self +20%Assassin★★Hassan of the Cursed Arm
    +30%Self +20%Berserker★★★★★Cu Chulainn (Alter)
    +30%Self +20%Berserker★★★★Atalante (Alter)
    +30%Self +20%Alterego★★★★★Sitonai

    Hints and Strategies, Part 3

    Equip the Event Limited Craft Essence to increase your ATK Strength!
    By equipping the Event Limited Craft Essence 「Can't Fight on an Empty Stomach」, available through Event Item Exchange and Damage Point Rewards, you can gain an attack bonus for the equipped Servant within 「ALL Nobunaga Full Charge GUDAGUDA Final Honnoji 2019」.

    Hints and Strategies, Part 4

    Equip the Limited Time Craft Essences to increase the amount of Event Items you earn!
    By equipping the following Limited Time Craft Essences, you can gain a bonus to the number of Event Items 「Formation Miso」, 「Irrelevant Salt」, and 「Ramie Thread」 per drop.
    • Please be aware that the item drop rate is not 100%.
    Rivalry of Warlords」 increases the amount of 「Formation Miso」! War God」 increases the amount of 「Irrelevant Salt」! Tea Ceremony of Demons」 increases the amount of 「Ramie Thread」!

    Event Item Exchange!

    Event items can be exchanged for the following items and materials through 「Event Item Exchange」 in the Da Vinci Workshop.

    • 「Hero Crystal: Meteor Fou ALL 4★ (HP)」 and 「Hero Crystal: Corona Fou ALL 4★ (ATK)」 will be unlocked once all Main Quests are cleared after July 11 (Thursday).
    • 「Formation Miso」, 「Irrelevant Salt」, and 「Ramie Thread」 can be exchanged for QP at the end of the event period.
    • Event Items can be exchanged for 「Hundred-Man Rations」, 「Black Gunpowder」, and 「Tatara Iron」 after clearing a certain quest. In addition, it can only be exchanged during the event period.

    Exchange Method
    July 4, 2019 (Thursday) 18:00 to July 25, 2019 (Thursday) 12:59
    • 「Formation Miso」, 「Irrelevant Salt」, 「Ramie Thread」, 「Hundred-Man Rations」, 「Black Gunpowder」, and 「Tatara Iron」 will disappear at the end of the exchange period.

    Items Obtainable with 「Formation Miso」
    [Event Limited Craft Essence]
    • 5★ (SSR) 「Can't Fight on an Empty Stomach
    [Skill Enhancement & Ascension Material]
    • Cursed Beast Gallstone
    • Tearstone of Blood
    • Black Beast Grease
    [Ascension Material]
    • Archer Monument
    • Rider Monument
    • Berserker Monument
    [Other Items]
    • Hero Crystal: Meteor Fou ALL 4★ (HP)
    • Hero Crystal: Corona Fou ALL 4★ (ATK)
    • Code Remover
    • 10,000 QP
    • Tatara Iron

    Items Obtainable with 「Irrelevant Salt」
    [Event Limited Craft Essence]
    • 5★ (SSR) 「Can't Fight on an Empty Stomach
    • 4★ (SR) Craft Essence EXP Card 「Demon King of the GUDAGUDA Heaven x3
    [Skill Enhancement & Ascension Material]
    • Dawn's Light Core
    • Ghost Lantern
    • Eternal Gear
    [Ascension Material]
    • Archer Piece
    • Rider Piece
    • Berserker Piece
    [Other Items]
    • Hero Crystal: Corona Fou ALL 4★ (ATK)
    • Code Remover
    • Formation Miso
    • Black Gunpowder

    Items Obtainable with 「Ramie Thread」
    [Event Limited Craft Essence]
    • 5★ (SSR) 「Can't Fight on an Empty Stomach
    • 3★ (R) Craft Essence EXP Card 「Bishamonten is Here!
    [Skill Enhancement & Ascension Material]
    • Ring of Giants
    • Void's Dust
    • Evil Bone
    [Other Items]
    • Hero Crystal: Meteor Fou ALL 4★ (HP)
    • Hero Crystal: Star Fou ALL 3★ (HP)
    • Hero Crystal: Sun Fou ALL 3★ (ATK)
    • Blaze of Wisdom ALL 4★ (SR)
    • Fire of Wisdom ALL 3★ (R)
    • Irrelevant Salt
    • Hundred-Man Rations

    Event Limited Craft Essence

    Can't Fight on an Empty Stomach ★★★★★ SSR
    Can't Fight on an Empty Stomach
    ATK  250 (Max: 1,000)    HP  400 (Max: 1,600)
      Increase Arts Card effectiveness by 10%
      Increase Quick Card effectiveness by 10%
      Increase Critical Strength by 10%
      Increase own ATK Strength by 100% [Event Only]

      ATK Strength increases further
      to 200% after Max Limit Break!

    Event Limited Craft Essence EXP Card
    This Craft Essence EXP Card, available as an event quest reward, can be used to greatly strengthen other Craft Essences!
    Use this opportunity to enhance your favorite Craft Essences!

    Event Limited Command Codes

    Great Fool of Owari ★★★★★ SSR
    Great Fool of Owari
      Increase Critical Strength againt [Divine] by 30%

    Famed Thin-Bladed Sword ★★★★ SR
    Famed Thin-Bladed Sword
      Apply Ignore Invincible

    Command Spells of an Immature Fantasy ★★★ R
    Command Spells of an Immature Fantasy
      Increase Critical Star Gather Rate by 100% when installed into an Arts Card

    Nagao Kagetora

    Nagao Kagetora
    Lancer 9617 11360
    Biten's Eight-Phase Winding Wheel Formation
    Biten-Hassou Kuruma Gakari no Jin
    Deal significant damage to a single enemy <LEVEL>
    Remove Attack Buffs
    Decrease Critical Rate (3 turns) <OVERCHARGE>

    Use the Event Limited Ascension Material 「Dragon Ball of Biten」 to perform Ascension four times and see the final Saint Graph!

    • The character skin for Nagao Kagetora will not change with Ascension.

    New Costume Dress for Nagao Kagetora!

    We will be releasing a new Simple Dress for 「4★ (SR) Nagao Kagetora」 as a reward for this Limited Time Event 「ALL Nobunaga Full Charge GUDAGUDA Final Honnoji 2019」.
    Once you acquire the Costume Dress Unlock, it is necessary to satisfy certain requirements before you can equip it.

    About Unlocking Costume Dress
    • Unlike the regular Costume Dresses, this 「Simple Dress」 will only change the appearance of 「4★ (SR) Nagao Kagetora」 and won't affect her voice lines.
    • This new Costume Dress for 「4★ (SR) Nagao Kagetora」 is only available during the Limited Time Event 「ALL Nobunaga Full Charge GUDAGUDA Final Honnoji 2019」!

    • Performing 「Costume Dress Unlock」 will change the Servant's icon and battle sprite automatically.
        You can manually change the appearance of your Servants through the Servant Details screen.
    • Performing 「Costume Dress Unlock」 will only change the appearance and will not affect class and parameters.
    • Please be aware that her voice lines will remain unchanged.

    「Costume Dress Unlock」 can be accessed from the Synthesis Enhancement screen.

    4★ (SR) Nagao Kagetora's Noble Phantasm!

    Nagao Kagetora - Biten-Hassou Kuruma Gakari no Jin

    In addition, 「GUDAGUDA Final Honnoji 2019 Pickup Summon」 is also being held simultaneously!
    Please check the banner below for more information.

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