05/10「Pseudo-Singularity 1/4 AP Cost & Free Quest First-Time Clear 1/2 AP Cost」!

Campaign Summary

From May 10, 2019 (Friday) 18:00 to May 24 (Friday) 12:59, we will be holding a campaign that reduces AP cost for all 「Main Quest from all Pseudo-Singularities」 to 1/4 and 「Free Quests from Main Record 1, Pseudo-Singularities, Main Record 2」 to 1/2 during your initial clear!

In addition, the Limited Time Event 「Tokugawa Kaiten Labyrinth: Ooku」 scheduled for late March, will require you to clear Main Record 2 Chapter 3 「Synchronized Intellect Nation: SIN - Crimson Beauty Under the Moon」 in order to participate. Use this chance to advance through the main story and become eligible for the upcoming event!

Campaign Period
May 10, 2019 (Friday) 18:00 to May 24, 2019 (Friday) 12:59

  • Please note that Free Quest you've already cleared are not eligible.
  • Rank Up, Interlude, and Daily Quests are also not eligible.

Pseudo-Singularity Main Quest 1/4 AP Cost!

Currently, AP cost for all the Pseudo-Singularities (I to IV) are already reduced to 1/2 permanently, but we will be reducing them by another 1/2 for a limited time, reducing the total AP cost to just 1/4! If you have yet to clear either of these quests, then this is your chance to catch up!

Eligible Quest
Main Record 1.5 Main Quests - Pseudo-Singularity (I to IV)

  • Please note that Free Quest from Pseudo-Singularities are not eligible.
  • The AP Cost will remain 1/4 even if you withdraw from battle.

Free Quest Initial Clear 1/2 AP Cost!

We will be holding a campaign that will reduce the AP cost of Free Quests during your initial clear from all Sub-Singularities (I to IV) to 1/2 for a limited time! Please use this chance to clear Free Quests you haven't cleared yet.

Eligible Quests
Main Record 1 Free Quests - Singularity F to Final Singularity
Main Record 1.5 Free Quests - Pseudo-Singularity (I to IV)
Main Record 2 Free Quests - Lostbelt No.1 to Lostbelt No.3

  • Initial clear refers to the time that you obtain your clear rewards for the first time.
  • AP cost will remain at 1/2 even if you withdraw from battle, as long as you haven't cleared the quest yet.
  • Free Quests from the Limited Time Event 「Lady Reines Case Files」 are not eligible.

In addition, 「Class Pickup Summon (Daily)」 is also being held simultaneously!
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