04/13「Mysterious Singularity II: Escape from the Pyramid」 Release Commemoration Campaign!

Campaign Summary

We will be holding the 「Mysterious Singularity II: Escape from the Pyramid Release Commemoration Campaign」 to commemorate the release of the Fate/Grand Order x Real Escape Game 「Mysterious Singularity II: Escape from the Pyramid」!

Clear the 「Mysterious Singularity II: Escape from the Pyramid」 Commemoration Quest which will appear on Chaldea Gate for a limited period to receive a quest-exclusive Craft Essence!

※ Please be aware that the quest doesn't have story cutscenes.

Campaign Period
April 13, 2019 (Saturday) 10:00 to May 31, 2019 (Friday) 23:59

「Flame Contaminated City: Fuyuki」 must be cleared to participate.

「Mysterious Singularity II: Escape from the Pyramid」 Craft Essence
Escape from the Pyramid ★★★★ SR
Escape from the Pyramid
ATK  100 (Max: 100)    HP  100 (Max: 100)
    Increase Mystic Code EXP from clearing quests by 50

In addition, 「Fate/Grand Order Spring Mystery Fair 2019」 is also being held simultaneously!
Please check the banner below for more information.

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