12/08Limited Event 「Christmas 2018: Holy Samba Night ~The Snowy Ruins and the Lady Knight~」 coming soon!

Event Summary

Release Date
December 12, 2018 (Wednesday) 18:00

Christmas season has come again this year.
Inheriting the power of the previous generations, a goddess was chosen as the new Santa Claus.
「Please leave everything to me! Such thing is my specialty, you know!」
Surprising through her sensible actions, we can greet Christmas in peace───
However, in the midst of negligence, a new singularity appears in South America.
The Master who was sent out to investigate the site was greeted
by white snow and people having fun talking, singing, chirping.
「I already suspected this, but───」
「This isn't Santa! IT'S SAMBA!」

Masked fighters will gather in the capital of battle, where an unprecedented miracle will come!

The best and hottest holy night carnival in the world, will soon begin!

Event Summary
The Limited Time Event 「Christmas 2018: Holy Samba Night ~The Snowy Ruins and the Lady Knight~」 will be held!
A new Santa will appear with the rhythm of samba!
The stage is set in a snowy southern land, where a riot to bring back the miracle of Christmas will begin!

By progressing through the Main Quests, Event Limited Servant 「4★ (SR) Quetzalcoatl (Samba/Santa) (Ruler)」 will temporarily join your roster at first, then will permanently join your roster once you have cleared all Main Quests.

During this event, Main Quests which contains the story will be released on a daily basis.
In addition to gathering Event Items from each quests to receive prizes,
you can also participate in the prize roulette to get even more prizes!
Gather the Event Items from each quests and claim that Christmas gift you want!

Only Masters who comply to the following requirements can participate:
Clear 「Lostbelt No.1: Permafrost Empire, Anastasia - Grand Duchess of the Beast Nation」
※ Clearing Sub-Singularities (I to IV) is not required.

Quetzalcoatl (Samba/Santa) Gains Double EXP!

During this event period, 「4★ (SR) Quetzalcoatl (Samba/Santa) (Ruler)」 will receive double the amount of EXP during synthesis!
Don't miss this chance to raise your new Servant!

December 12, 2018 (Wednesday) 18:00

Event Bonus Servants Gains Double Bond Points!

During this event period, certain Servants included in the Event Bonus filter will receive double the amount of Bond points from Event Quests! Don't miss this chance to raise their affections!

December 12, 2018 (Wednesday) 18:00

Advance Announcement! Event Servant Preparation!

Bringing specific Servants into your party during the Limited Time Event 「Christmas 2018: Holy Samba Night ~The Snowy Ruins and the Lady Knight~」 will grant certain bonuses like having increased 「ATK Strength」 and receiving more 「Bond Points」!
Strengthen the eligible Servants and prepare them to challenge the event!

※ 「3★ (R) Mash Kyrielight」 will not receive increased Bond points.
※ Starting Dec 8 (Sat) 16:00, 「Next Event」 filter will be implemented to the Servant Synthesis and Servant Selection screens.
This feature will make it easier for you to find Bonus Servants that you need to prepare for the upcoming event.

Eligible Servants
Class Rarity Servants
Saber★★★★Yagyuu Tajima-no-Kami Munenori
Archer★★★★Altera the Sun (Ta)
Lancer★★★★Jeanne d'Arc Alter Santa Lily
Lancer★★★Cu Chulainn
Lancer★★★Jaguar Warrior
Rider★★★★★Ivan the Terrible
Rider★★★★Altria Pendragon (Santa Alter)
Rider★★★Resistance Rider
Rider★★Edward Teach
Caster★★★★Thomas Edison
Caster★★★Charles Babbage
Caster★★Hans Christian Andersen
Assassin★★★★Fuyajo Assassin
Assassin★★Charles-Henri Sanson
Berserker★★★★Atalante (Alter)
Berserker★★★★El Dorado Berserker
Berserker★★★Darius III
Berserker★★Eric Bloodaxe
BerserkerPaul Bunyan
Ruler★★★★Quetzalcoatl (Samba/Santa)
Foreigner★★★★★Katsushika Hokusai
Foreigner★★★★Mysterious Heroine XX
Shielder★★★Mash Kyrielight
※ For Servants who's identity are concealed, their True Name will be revealed by advancing through the Main Quests.

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