12/05「FGO Winter Fest 2018-2019 ~Traveling Big Circus!~」 Commemoration Campaign!

Campaign Summary
The 「FGO Winter Fest 2018-2019 ~Traveling Big Circus!~」 will be held at the Hokkaido Assembly Hall.

To commemorate this event, we will be holding the 「FGO Winter Fest 2018-2019 ~Traveling Big Circus!~ Launch Commemoration Campaign」 as thanks to everyone for making this a great success.

In addition, we will also be posting details of the event on our official twitter. This way people who came and even those who were unable to come will be able to check for the latest information regarding the stage event!

Fate/Grand Order Official Twitter: @fgoproject

December 5, 2018 (Wednesday) 18:00 to December 9, 2018 (Sunday) 3:59

FGO Winter Fest 2018-2019 ~Traveling Big Circus!~
Official Website:

Limited Time Consecutive Login Bonus!
Login for 3 consecutive days during the following period to receive up to 6 Saint Quartz in total and a Limited Time Craft Essence!

Campaign Period
December 5, 2018 (Wednesday) 18:00 to December 9, 2018 (Sunday) 3:59

Clear 「Flame Contaminated City: Fuyuki」 before December 8, 2018 (Saturday) 3:59

Traveling Big Circus! ★★★★ SR
Traveling Big Circus!
ATK  100 (Max: 100)    HP  100 (Max: 100)
    Increase Mystic Code EXP from clearing quests by 50

Consecutive Days Login Rewards
Day 1 4★ (SR) Traveling Big Circus x1
Saint Quartz x1
Day 2 Saint Quartz x2
Day 3 Saint Quartz x3
※ You must login at least once starting December 5, 2018 (Wednesday) 18:00.
※ Subsequent login bonus will be distributed starting 4:00 the next day.
※ Once your consecutive login count is broken, rewards from the following days can no longer be obtained.
※ You can receive up to 3 rewards, but depending on the time you start the game, you might miss them.
※ The word 「CLEAR」 must be present on the quest banner found on the Terminal Screen.

FGO Winter Fes Max Damage Trial Quest!
Max Damage Trial Quest is a quest which records the total damage your party has inflicted in just 1 turn.

In addition, you can only use Servants you own during the Max Damage Trial Quest (Supports cannot be used).
Let's beat our own records by raising more Servants!

※ There Max Damage Trial Quest will be added to Chaldea Gate.
※ The Total Damage will be recorded by quest, and the highest total damage your party has inflicted in a single turn will be recorded.
※ Max Damage Trial Quest will have no reward.
※ You will receive dropped items, Master EXP, Mystic Code EXP, and Bond points during your initial clear.

December 8, 2018 (Saturday) 8:00 to 23:59

「Singularity F: Flame Contaminated City, Fuyuki」 must be cleared to participate.

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