07/29「Rerun: All The Statesmen! ~Learning with Manga USA Development History~」 is here!

Event Summary

We will holding the 「All The Statesmen! ~Learning with Manga USA Development History~」 Limited Event!
Clear the event to get the 「1★ (C) Learning with Manga Berserker」 Limited Servant and 「4★ (SR) Learning with Manga! FGO
Limited CE!

Event Period
July 29, 2018 (Sunday) 16:30 to August 12, 2018 (Sunday) 12:59

Event Requirement
Singularity F 「Flame Contaminated City: Fuyuki」 must be cleared to participate in this event.
※ The event banner may still appear on your Terminal screen regardless if you've completed the requirement, but the quest will not be available unless you do.

Event Guidelines

During this event, Section 2 and higher will be released on a daily basis.
You must clear the previous event quest in order to proceed.
※ You must clear Prologue to unlock Section 1.

Event Quest Release Schedule
Date & Time Quest Reward
July 29 (Sun) 16:30~ Prologue ---
July 29 (Sun) 16:30~ Section 1 Learning with Manga Berserker
July 30 (Mon) 18:00~ Section 2 Learning with Manga Berserker
July 31 (Tue) 18:00~ Section 3 Learning with Manga Berserker
Aug 1 (Wed) 18:00~ Section 4 Learning with Manga Berserker
Aug 2 (Thu) 18:00~ Section 5 Learning with Manga Berserker
Aug 2 (Thu) 18:00~ Epilogue Learning with Manga! FGO

※ There's a total of 7 Event Quests including Prologue and Epilogue. The event board will remain on your Terminal screen after clearing Epilogue, but please keep in mind that no further quests will be added.
※ Clearing the Epilogue will reward you with the Limited Craft Essence even if you already obtained it from last year.

Event Clear Reward

「All The Statesmen! ~USA Development History~」 Limited Craft Essence
Learning with Manga! FGO ★★★★ SR
Learning with Manga! FGO
ATK  100 (Max: 100)    HP  100 (Max: 100)
    Increase Master EXP from clearing quests by 50
Learning with Manga Berserker

Learning with Manga Berserker NP!
Learning with Manga Berserker - Marvelous Exploits

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