03/28[Chaldea PR Department] Game Update on April 4 (Wed)
The Chaldea PR Department would like to inform you that the next game update is scheduled to be released
on April 4, 2018 (Wed). Features listed below are planned to be implemented for the upcoming update.

Game Improvements
  • During battle, we will change it so you can return from the Command Phase back to the Tactical Phase.

  • ※ Screen shown is still under development.

  • Will will add a feature that allows you to automatically convert (sell) any Spirit Origin into Mana Prisms and QP when conducting the Friend Point Summon. By changing the target settings before conducting a Friend Point Summon, Any Spirit Origin eligible with the settings will be automatically converted.

  • ※ Screen shown is still under development.

  • We will renew all the 1★ (C) and 2★ (UC) Craft Essences that you can obtain from the Friend Point Summon (Illustration, ATK, HP, and skills will all be renewed.).

  • [Craft Essence Renewal Summary]
    The following Craft Essences shown below will be renewed.
    Please be aware that the following Craft Essences will no longer become available after the game update.

    This is the main content of the update planned for April 4, 2018 (Wed).

    In addition, we also plan to make clearing Episode 1 as a requirement for upcoming limited events and campaigns.
    We would like everyone to advance the story and clear all Main Quests for Episode 1.

    We look forward to your continued support for 「Fate/Grand Order」.

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