02/2712 Million Downloads Breakthrough Campaign Coming Soon!

Campaign Period
Late February 2018

Campaign Summary
The 「12 Million Downloads Campaign」 will be held during late February 2018!
Below are some of the early details of the campaign!

Servant Rank Up Quest: Part 8!

The special quest which allows you to strengthen a Servant's capabilities 「Servant Rank Up Quest: Part 8」 will be held!
Another 7 Servants will get permanent Rank Up Quest during this 8th batch.
Details will be announced at a later date, so please stay tuned!

Master Mission Slight Renewal!

We will permanently increase the amount of Saint Quartz Fragments you acquire from clearing the weekly 「Master Missions」
from 2 to 3, and will stay like that even after the campaign ends.
With 7 Master Missions you can clear each week, you can get up to 21 Saint Quartz Fragments (3 Saint Quartz)!

New Voice Lines for Unlockable Costume Dresses!

We will change the in-battle voices for all unlockable Costume Dresses!
※ The special in-battle voices will only play while wearing the Costume Dress.
※ Please be aware that voices during their NP animation will remain unchanged.

Eligible Servants

Servant Costume Dress
Mash Kyrielight 「Swimsuit of Everlasting Summer」
Queen Medb 「Charming Prison Director Look」
Nero Claudius 「Olympia Gym Uniform」
Parvati 「Something Missing from a Young Lady」
Astolfo 「Memories of Trifas」
Jeanne d'Arc (Alter) 「Wicked Witch ver. Shinjuku 1999」

※ For Queen Medb only, her voice while wearing the 「Charming Prison Director Look」 will switch to her Enemy Boss version from the 「Death Jail Summer Escape! ~Medb's Great Prison of Sin and Despair 2017~」. In addition, we will also add some voices (except her NP line) from before her battle motion renewal.

Please look forward to more content once this campaign is released!

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