12/09Limited Event 「Merry Christmas in the Underworld」 is coming!

Event Summary

Event Period
Scheduled Mid-December 2017

Event Prologue
Summer has arrived at Chaldea just before Christmas.
42°C heatwave. The staff collapses from the heat.
Even Servants are affected by the mysterious fever...

A certain Servant, who went up and said 「Feels good, man!」,
tells the Master that they are the only one capable of fixing
this abnormal weather and mysterious fever───
As the destruction of Chaldea approaches in just half a day,
can they overcome this crisis and welcome Christmas in peace?

Event Summary
We will hold the 「Merry Christmas in the Netherworld」 limited event!
In order to rescue Chaldea, which is on the verge of total annihilation due to the abnormal weather
and a mysterious fever affecting the Servants, the Master goes to that land alone.
Just who is this new Santa that will be making an appearance?

Please enjoy this 「Merry Christmas in the Netherworld」 limited event with an original story written by Kinoko Nasu himself!

Event Requirements
You must clear 「7th Singularity: Absolute Demonic Front, Babylonia」 to participate in this event.

Early Information! Event Servant Preparation

Certain Servants will give you an advantage during the 「Merry Christmas in the Netherworld」 limited event.
It is recommended to strengthen them in preparation before the event begins!

※ An Event Servant filter will be implemented starting December 9 (Sat) 22:00 on the Servant Selection
  and Servant Synthesis screens. Please use this feature to easily find Servants you need for the next event.

Eligible Servants
Class Servants

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