10/21Limited 「Shimousa Pickup Summon 2 (Daily)」 is here!

Shimousa Pickup Summon 2 (Daily) Period
October 20, 2017 (Friday) 18:00 to November 1, 2017 (Wednesday) 12:59

We will be holding the 「Shimousa Pickup Summon 2 (Daily)」 for a limited time to commemorate the release of Sub-Singularity III!
※ Players who have yet to unlock the Sub-Singularity III can still participate in this gacha.

Servant who participated in Sub-Singularity III 「5★ (SSR) Shuten-Douji」 and 「5★ (SSR) Minamoto-no-Raikou (Berserker)」 will become available for a limited time only!
In addition, 「4★ (SR) Yagyuu Munenori」 and 「4★ (SR) Katou Danzou」 will become available for Pickup.

The 4 Servants mentioned above will become available as Daily Pickup, while 「4★ (SR) Fuuma Kotarou」 will be available at all times.

Please check the 「Summon Info」 on the bottom left corner of the Saint Quartz Summon screen for more details.
※ Shuten-Douji and Minamoto-no-Raikou (Berserker) will NOT be available in the Story Summons after the Pickup period.

During the pickup period, Limited Time Servants and Featured Servants will have an increased drop rate!

10x Summon will have 1 guaranteed 4★ (SR) or above card and 1 guaranteed 3★ (R) or above Servant!
※ Guaranteed ★4 (SR) or above card includes both Servants and Craft Essences.
※ 「Drop Rate Up」 indicates the picked up cards will have higher drop rate than Servants or Craft Essences of the same rarity.

Daily Pickup Date Daily Pickup Servants
Oct 20 (Fri) 18:00 to Oct 22 (Sun) 23:59 「5★ (SSR) Shuten-Douji」
「5★ (SSR) Minamoto-no-Raikou (Berserker)」
「4★ (SR) Yagyuu Munenori」
「4★ (SR) Katou Danzou」
Oct 23 (Mon) 0:00 to Oct 24 (Tue) 23:59 「5★ (SSR) Shuten-Douji」
「4★ (SR) Yagyuu Munenori」
「4★ (SR) Katou Danzou」
Oct 25 (Wed) 0:00 to Oct 26 (Thu) 23:59 「5★ (SSR) Minamoto-no-Raikou (Berserker)」
「4★ (SR) Yagyuu Munenori」
「4★ (SR) Katou Danzou」
Oct 27 (Fri) 0:00 to Oct 28 (Sat) 23:59 「5★ (SSR) Shuten-Douji」
「5★ (SSR) Minamoto-no-Raikou (Berserker)」
「4★ (SR) Yagyuu Munenori」
Oct 29 (Sun) 0:00 to Oct 30 (Mon) 23:59 「5★ (SSR) Shuten-Douji」
「5★ (SSR) Minamoto-no-Raikou (Berserker)」
「4★ (SR) Katou Danzou」
Oct 31 (Tue) 0:00 to Nov 1 (Wed) 12:59 「5★ (SSR) Shuten-Douji」
「5★ (SSR) Minamoto-no-Raikou (Berserker)」
「4★ (SR) Yagyuu Munenori」
「4★ (SR) Katou Danzou」
※ Please note that the availability of Servants will change depending on the date.

Sasaki Kojirou Battle Motion and Noble Phantasm Renewal!

The battle motion and NP animation for Sasaki Kojirou will be renewed!

Renewal Period
October 20, 2017 (Friday) 18:00~

Sasaki Kojirou - Tsubame Gaeshi

Shuten, Raikou, Munenori, and Danzou's NP Animation Showcase!

Shuten-Douji - Senshi Bankou Shinpen Kidoku
Minamoto-no-Raikou - Goou Shourai Tenmou Kaikai
Archer Inferno - ???
Katou Danzou - Karakuri Genpou - Dongyuu

Limited Servants

Assassin 11993 12825
Multitude of Colors - Divine Demon Poison
Senshi Bankou Shinpen Kidoku
Deal heavy damage to all enemies [Level]
Slightly decrease Debuff Resist (3 turns), DEF (3 turns),
ATK (3 turns), NP Strength (3 turns), Critical Hit Rate (3 turns)
Inflict Skill Seal (1 turn)
Inflict Poison (5 turns) [Overcharge]

Berserker 11556 13500
Ox King's Lightning - Vengeance of the Almighty Heavens
Goou Shourai - Tenmou Kaikai
Increase Critical Star Drop Rate (1 turn) [Overcharge]
Deal heavy damage to all enemies [Level]

New Servants

Archer Inferno
Archer 9946 10804
Deal significant damage to a single enemy [Level]
Decrease Critical Hit Rate (3 turns)
Inflict Burn (5 turns)
Inflict Ignite (Increase the effects of Burn) (5 turns) [Overcharge]

Katou Danzou
Assassin 8935 11055
Karakuri Illusionary Arts - Swallowing Cow
Karakuri Genpou - Dongyuu
Deal heavy damage to all enemies [Level]
Special damage to [Demonic] [Overcharge]

Fuuma Kotarou
Assassin 7091 8844
Undying Chaotic Brigade
Immortal Chaos Brigade
Deal heavy damage to all enemies [Level]
Inflict confusion (5 turns) [Overcharge]


Minamoto-no-Raikou (Berserker)

Yagyuu Tajima-no-Kami Munenori

Kato Danzou

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