08/09Maintenance Notice (08/09 13:00)
Maintenance for Fate/Grand Order has ended.

Maintenance will be conducted during the following period to implement the 「Dead Heat Summer Race!
~Ishtar Cup of Hope and Dreams 2017~」

[Update 19:30]
We report that maintenance is scheduled to end on 20:30.
We appreciate your patience, but please wait for little bit more.
A message screen about clearing cache will display when running the game.
Please note that even if you clear your cache, game data will not be deleted.
※ Please be careful not to 「Uninstall App」.

[Update 18:00]
Maintenance will be extended indefinitely.

Once the maintenance is over, please expect heavy traffic since players will be downloading the update
and would cause additional strain to the servers that may cause slowdowns. We recommend playing on
a Wi-Fi connection in case this problem occurs.

We ask everyone to please finish any battles or quests before maintenance starts. Thank you.
※ You might not receive the quest rewards if maintenance starts while in mid-battle.

◆ Date & Time ◆
August 9, 2017 (Wednesday) 13:00 to 18:00 20:30 (Scheduled)
※ Scheduled time may change if necessary.
※ Maintenance extended.

◆ Application Update ◆
  • You will have to update the game application from GooglePlay or the AppStore. (Android/iOS)
    The latest version would be the following:
    Android: [Ver.1.27.0] [Ver.1.27.1]
    iOS: [Ver.1.27.0]
  • You will need to update from GooglePlay or the AppStore. Please note that you don't have to uninstall the game.
  • If the update button doesn't appear, you can clear the cache of your GooglePlay by following the instructions below:
    1. From the Home screen, press the Menu key then select 「Settings」.
    2. Select 「Applications」 → 「Google Play Store」
    3. Select 「Clear Cache」
      Be very careful not to press 「Uninstall Updates」.
      ※ Please note that the menu may vary depending on your terminal.

◆ Game Update ◆
  1. Implement 「Dead Heat Summer Race! ~Ishtar Cup of Hope and Dreams 2017~」 Limited Event.
  2. Update Saint Quartz Summon (Limited) with 「Dead Heat Summer Race! Pickup Summon (Daily)」.
  3. Remove 「Daily Quest 1/2 AP Cost」 Campaign
  4. Remove 「Great & Super Success Rate Up」 Campaign

◆ Bug Fixes ◆
  1. Fix a bug that causes some NP animation to not display properly.
  2. ※ The following Servant is affected:
    • Iskandar
  3. Fix a bug that causes some Servant Voice List to not display properly.
  4. ※ The following Servant is affected:
    • Learning with Manga Berserker
  5. Fix some graphical bugs.
  6. Fix typographical errors on some text.

◆ Game Improvements ◆
  1. Change the NP Rank of certain Servants.
  2. ※ The following Servants are affected:
    • Arjuna (After Rank Up)
      BEFORE: A++
      AFTER: A+
    • Emiya (After Rank Up)
      BEFORE: E~A++
      AFTER: E~A
    • Emiya [Alter]
      BEFORE: E~A++
      AFTER: E~A
    • Orion (After Rank Up)
      BEFORE: A++
      AFTER: A+
    • Charles Babbage
      BEFORE: A++
      AFTER: EX
    • Mysterious Heroine X
      BEFORE: A++
      AFTER: A+
    • Paracelsus (After Rank Up)
      BEFORE: A++
      AFTER: A+
    • Fergus (After Rank Up)
      BEFORE: A++
      AFTER: A+
    • Beowulf (After Rank Up)
      BEFORE: A++
      AFTER: A+
    • Mordred (After Rank Up)
      BEFORE: A++
      AFTER: A+
    • Lancelot (Saber)
      BEFORE: A++
      AFTER: A
    • Lancelot (Berserker)
      BEFORE: A++
      AFTER: A
  3. Entering special characters on anything that allows you to type characters is now invalid.
  4. ※ The following input screens are affected:
    • Edit Support Name screen
    • Edit Party Name screen
    • Edit Message screen
    • Edit Name screen
  5. Adjust various UI and graphics.

We apologize for the maintenance we did for the bugs listed above and for the extented maintenance.
We apologize for the inconvenience and we thank you all for your cooperation.

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