06/14Game Update Notification (06/14 18:00)
The game will be updated during the following scheduled period.
Application version update is not included in this update.

Once the update is implemented, please expect heavy traffic since players will be downloading the update
and would cause additional strain to the servers that may cause slowdowns. We recommend playing on
a Wi-Fi connection in case this problem occurs.

◆ Date & Time
June 14, 2017 (Wednesday) 18:00

◆ Game Update ◆
  1. Implement the Limited Event 「Rerun: Celestial Demon Tales - Onigashima」.
  2. Update Saint Quartz Summon (Limited) with 「Rerun Celestial Demon Tales Onigashima Pickup Summon」.
  3. Remove Saint Quartz Summon (Limited) with 「Restless Drunk Demon's Capital Rashomon Rerun Pickup Summon」.
  4. Remove effect from Craft Essences that only work during the previous event.
  5. ※ The following Craft Essences are affected:
    • Subscription List Reading
    • Fox's Night Dream
    • Golden Catches a Carp
    • Burning Love Story
    • Tales of the Mahavairocana King

◆ Bug Fixes ◆
  1. Fix a bug that causes some Servant voice list to not display properly.
  2. ※ The following Servant is affected:
    • Ryougi Shiki (Saber)
  3. Fix a bug that causes some Servant voice list to not play properly.
  4. ※ The following Servant is affected:
    • Meltlilith
  5. Fix a bug that causes some effects to not display properly when fast-forwarding a certain Interlude Quest.
  6. ※ The following Interlude Quest is affected:
    • Minamoto no Yorimitsu - Chapter 1
  7. Fix some graphical bugs.
  8. Fix typographical errors on some text.

◆ Game Improvements ◆
  1. Adjust various UI and graphics.

We look forward to your continued support for 「Fate/Grand Order」 from here and onwards.

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