03/13Rerun: Fate/GUDAGUDA Honnoji

Event Summary

Event Period
March 15, 2017 (Wednesday) 19:00 to March 31, 2017 (Friday) 23:59

Event Summary
Something like a 「GUDAGUDA Honnoji」 suddenly appeared at Chaldea's Gate, Oda Nobunaga is ready for action!

The author of Fate/GUDAGUDA Order, Keikenchi, will be writing the new scenario irregularly due to some misleading PN.
Of course, with some supervision from Kinoko Nasu (kinda) himself.

The Servant 「4★ (SR) Oda Nobunaga」 will be joining the event for a limited time!
If you can gather enough 「Honnoji Points」 from the limited quests during the event period, Nobunaga can be recruited!
We ask everyone to please join us until the end (?) of the GUDAGUDA Event!!

※ This event is a rerun of the one held during 2015. Some adjustments like lower Exchange Shop prices have been made to
make it a 「Light Version Rerun Event」 and more easier to play.
※ The event limited Craft Essences can be acquired again the same way as it was during its 2015 run.

Tutorial must be cleared to participate in this event.

Event Guidelines

  1. Gather Event Points by collecting the Honnoji Points that enemies drop until you unlock the 4★ Event Limited Servant
    Oda Nobunaga」 into your party!
  2. Bring Event Servants like Ushiwakamaru, Emiya, and Okita to receive MORE Honnoji Points in battle!
  3. Equip the Craft Essence 「GUDAO」 to to receive EVEN MORE Honnoji Points in battle!
  4. Receive your rewards from the Honnoji Point ladder.

Gathering Methods

Gathering Method 1
The 「GUDAGUDA Golden Heaven」 Bonus Quest will unlock each day starting from March 16 (Thu) 0:00 to March 30 (Thu) 23:59.
「GUDAGUDA Golden Heaven」 will open at 0:00 and will disappear after 24 hours.
Each quest can only be cleared once.

※ 「GUDAGUDA Golden Heaven」 will only unlock after the Event Quest's 「Final Act」 has been cleared.

Gathering Method 2
Bringing certain Servants into your party will increase the number of 「Honnoji Points」 you receive in battle.

[Target Servants]
Okita Souji, Oda Nobunaga, Emiya, Cu Chulainn (Lancer), Medusa, Mephistopheles, Ushiwakamaru, & Benkei.
※ The increase will vary depending on the Servant.

Gathering Method 3
Event Limited Craft Essences will increase the amount of drops if you have them equipped.
For the Best method of farming each item, please refer to the following chart.
※ Please note that the dropped items aren't 100% guaranteed for each quest.

Event Craft Essence

ATK  500 (Max: 2,000)    HP  0
    Increase Critical Strength by 15%
    Increase NP damage by 15%

    Honnoji Point drops increased by 30%
    [Rerun: GUDAGUDA Honnoji Event Only]

Oda Nobunaga

Servant Ascension
By using a 「Golden Skull」 which can be obtained through the Event Item Exchange Shop,
you can ascend Oda Nobunaga up to 4 times and unlock her final Saint Graph artwork.

※ Ascension doesn't change the battle sprite of Oda Nobunaga.

Craft Essences Experience
For a limited time during the event, you'll be able to obtain Craft Essence EXP Cards!
During GUDAGUDA Honnoji, EXP Cards to greatly strengthen your CEs will become available!

Honnoji Point Ladder

Reward Distribution
Each time you reach a specific amount of 「Honnoji Points」, you'll automatically receive the item after the Quest Reward screen.
You can check your progress at the 「Event Reward Screen」 which can be accessed from the upper-right button of the main screen.

Honnoji Point Item Rewards
Honnoji Point [Event Limited Servant]
  • 4★ (SSR) 「Oda Nobunaga
[Event Limited Craft Essence]
  • 4★ (SR) Craft Essence EXP Card: 「Nobu
  • 3★ (R) Craft Essence EXP Card: 「Okita
[Ascension & Skill Enhancement Materials]
  • Phoenix Plume
  • Dragon's Reverse Scale
  • Crystallized Lore
[Other Items]
  • Saint Quartz
  • Gold Fruit
  • QP

Event Item Exchange

Exchange Period
March 15, 2017 (Wednesday) 19:00 to April 5, 2016 (Wednesday) 13:59
※ 「Hiragumo」, 「Youhen Tenmoku Chawan」, and 「Tsukumogami Nasu」 will be removed from your inventory once the event shop
period is over.

You can exchange these items by selecting the 「Event Item Exchange」 menu while inside Da Vinci's Workshop.

Hiragumo Exchange
Hiragumo [Event Limited Craft Essence]
  • 5★ (SSR) 「GUDAO
[Event Limited Ascension Material]
  • Golden Skull
[Ascension & Skill Enhancement Materials]
  • Heart of a Foreign God
  • Chaos Claw
  • Eternal Gear
  • Homunculus Baby
  • Meteoric Horseshoe
[Other Items]
  • Mana Prism
  • QP

Youhen Tenmoku Chawan Exchange
Youhen Tenmoku Chawan [Event Limited Craft Essence]
  • 5★ (SSR) 「GUDAO
[Event Limited Ascension Material]
  • Golden Skull
[Ascension & Skill Enhancement Materials]
  • Forbidden Page
  • Octuplet Crystal
  • Void's Refuse
  • Deadly Poison Stinger
[Other Items]
  • Hiragumo

Tsukumogami Nasu Exchange
Tsukumogami Nasu [Event Limited Craft Essence]
  • 5★ (SSR) 「GUDAO
[Event Limited Ascension Material]
  • Golden Skull
[Other Items]
  • Youhen Tenmoku Chawan
  • 4★ (SR) ALL Class Experience Card
  • 3★ (R) ALL Class Experience Card
  • 3★ (R) ALL Class Status Up Card (HP)
  • 3★ (R) ALL Class Status Up Card (ATK)

Battle Motion Renewal

We will renew the battle sprite animation of some Servants who will be having an active role during this event.
※ Only the battle motion will be changed. The NP animation is unaffected.

Target Servants
Oda Nobunaga
Okita Souji

Renewal Date
March 15, 2017 (Wednesday) 19:00~

Rerun GUDAGUDA Honnoji Pickup Summon

Rerun GUDAGUDA Honnoji Pickup Summon Period
March 15, 2017 (Wednesday) 19:00 to March 31, 2016 (Wednesday) 23:59

We will be holding 「Rerun GUDAGUDA Honnoji Pickup Summon」 for a limited time!
Which will be a complete rerun of the GUDAGUDA Honnoji Pickup Summon held during 2015!

The Servant who will be participating in the event the most 「5★ (SSR) Okita Souji」 will become available for a limited time only!
Okita Souji will increase the amount of 「Honnoji Points」 you receive in battle while in your party.
In addition, 「4★ (SR) Emiya (Archer)」, 「3★ (R) Cu Chulainn (Lancer)」, 「3★ (R) Medusa (Rider)」, and 「3★ (R) Mephistopheles
will also become available for pickup!

※ Okita Souji will NOT be added to the Story Summon after the Pickup Summon period is over.

That's not all, it's also possible to increase the amount of event items you can gather by equipping the following
Limited Craft Essences: 「5★ (SSR) GUDAGUDA Poster Girl」, 「4★ (SR) After-Party Order!」, and 「3★ (R) Fate GUDAGUDA Order」.
※ 「3★ (R) Fate GUDAGUDA Order」 can also be acquired from the Friend Point Summon during this Pickup Summon period.

In summary, 1 Limited Servant, 4 Pickup Servants, and 3 Limited Craft Essences will have boosted rates during this period.

10x Grand Summon will always guarantee a 4★ (SR) card or higher and at least 1 Servant with 3★ (R) rarity or higher.
※ The guaranteed 4★ (SR) card could be a Servant or a Craft Essence.
※ Rate UP will only have increased rates against Servants or Craft Essences with the same rarity.

Limited Servants

Saber 12068 13225 Avidya, Three-Stage Thrust
Mumyou Sandanzuki
Deal significant damage to a single enemy that ignores defense [Level]
Greatly reduces defense (3 turns) [Overcharge]

Pickup Servants

Archer 9398 11521 Infinite Creation of Swords
Unlimited Blade Works
Deal heavy damage to all enemies that ignores defense [Level]
Decrease ATK [Overcharge]

Lancer 7239 9593 Barbed Spear that Pierces with Death
Gae Bolg
Deal significant damage to a single enemy [Level]
Decrease DEF (3 turns) [Overcharge]
Average chance to instant kill [Overcharge]

Rider 7200 8937 Bridle of Chivalry
Deal heavy damage to all enemies [Level]
Increase Critical Star Drop Rate (3 turns) [Overcharge]

Caster 6839 9216 The Slumbering Explosive
Ticktock Bomb
Deal heavy damage to all enemies that ignores defense [Level]
Average chance to inflict curse (3 turns) [Overcharge]

Limited Craft Essences

GUDAGUDA Poster Girl ★★★★★ SSR
GUDAGUDA Poster Girl
ATK  0    HP  750 (Max: 3,000)
    Apply Target Focus (3 turns)
    Increase ATK by 60% (3 turns)

    Hiragumo drops increased by 1
    [Rerun: GUDAGUDA Honnoji Event Only]

After-Party Order! ★★★★ SR
After-Party Order!
ATK  400 (Max: 1,500)    HP  0
    Increase Quick Card effectiveness by 10%
    Increase Buster Card effectiveness by 10%

    Youhen Tenmoku Chawan drops increased by 1
    [Rerun: GUDAGUDA Honnoji Event Only]

Fate GUDAGUDA Order ★★★ R
ATK  100 (Max: 500)    HP  150 (Max: 750)
    Increase Quick/Arts/Buster Card effectiveness, Critical Star Drop Rate,
    star absorption rate, NP gain, NP damage, Debuff Success Rate, and
    Debuff Resist by 1%

    Tsukumogami Nasu drops increased by 1
    [Rerun: GUDAGUDA Honnoji Event Only]

Okita Souji

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