02/17「Pseudo-Singularity I: Malignant Isolated Demonic Realm - Shinjuku」 Soon!

Event Summary

Event Period
February 24, 2017 (Fri) 19:00~

Sub-Singularity I, Opening
The stage for 「Sub-Singularity I: Malignant Isolated Demonic Realm - Shinjuku - The Shinjuku Phantom Incident」
will be set on a prison district that is isolated from the outside world.
Battles will be waged as new Servants will make their appearance!

Unlock Requirement
Unlocked once the 「Final Singularity: Grand Time Temple - Solomon」 has been cleared.

Sub-Singularity I Trailer

Master Level Increased!

The maximum Master Level will be increased from 130 to 140 during the release of Sub-Singularity I.

Event Period
February 24, 2017 (Fri) 19:00~

Battle Motion and NP Animation Renewal!

We will be renewing the battle motion and NP animation of certain Servants!

Target Servant
Altria Pendragon [Alter] (Saber)

Renewal Implementation Date
February 24, 2017 (Fri) 19:00~

New Ascension & Skill Enhancement Items!

A new item will be introduced starting the release of Sub-Singularity I!

This item will be needed as materials for Ascension & Skill Enhancement of new Servants.
They will drop from enemies and can be acquired in Sub-Singularity I Main Quests.

「True Name」 of Servants

During Sub-Singularity I, the True Name of some Servants will only be unlocked by progressing through the story.
Until you unlock their True Name, their identity will be hidden throughout various screens like Party Formation or Servant List.
Also, some Servant's NP name will also be hidden until their True Name is unlocked.

These Servants will also have a different voice line before and after their True Names are revealed.
You can check each lines at the Voice List tab on the Servant Details screen.

Bonus Bond Points

Sub-Singularity I quest will reward [Evil] aligned Servants with additional bond points for clearing each quests
due to the theme of the story.

Let's bring these Servants in your party and solve the mystery behind the Shinjuku incident!

New 「Sound Player」 Feature!

A new feature 「Sound Player」 will be added to My Room.
Sound Player can play tracks from the story and battle, as well as tracks used in limited events.

Unlocking tracks will require you to use items.
In addition, some songs may need additional requirements to unlock, such as Main Quest progress,
participating in certain events, or even acquiring certain Servants.

Main Quest 1/2 AP Cost Campaign!

We will be holding a campaign that halves the AP cost of all Main Quests up to 「Final Singularity」 which is required to
participate in Sub-Singularity I. Let's all make progress and complete the Main Quests during this campaign!

Campaign Period
February 24, 2017 (Fri) 19:00 ~ March 8, 2017 (Wed) 14:59

Affected Quests
All Main Quests up to the Final Singularity.
※ Free Quests and Interlude Quests from the maps above are unaffected.

Shinjuku Pickup Summon

Shinjuku Pickup Summon Period
February 24, 2017 (Fri) 19:00 ~ March 8, 2017 (Wed) 14:59

To celebrate the release of Sub-Singularity I, we will be holding a 「Shinjuku Pickup Summon Period」 for a limited time!
※ Players who have yet to unlock the Sub-Singularity I can still participate in this gacha.

The Servant involved in the 「Sub-Singularity I: Malignant Isolated Demonic Realm - Shinjuku - The Shinjuku Phantom Incident」
5★ (SSR) Archer of Shinjuku」 will become available for a limited time!
In addition, the new Servants 「4★ (SR) Assassin of Shinjuku」, and 「4★ (SR) Avenger of Shinjuku」 will also be released!

Also, a new Craft Essence 「3★ (R) Freelancer」 will also be added!

During this period, limited and new Servants mentioned above will have boosted rates!

Please check the Summoning Details at the lower left corner of the screen for more information.
※ Archer of Shinjuku will not be added to the Story Summon after the Pickup Summon period's deadline.
※ New Servants and Craft Essences will be added to the Story Summon after the Pickup Summon period's deadline.
※ For Servants who's identity are concealed, their True Name and NP will be revealed by progressing through the Main Quests.

10x Grand Summon will always guarantee a 4★ (SR) card or higher and at least 1 Servant with 3★ (R) or higher rarity.
※ The guaranteed 4★ (SR) card could be a Servant or a Craft Essence.
※ Rate UP will only have increased rates against Servants or Craft Essences with the same rarity.

Limited Servants

Archer 11781 13685 ? ? ? ? Decrease DEF (3 turns) [Overcharge]
Deal significant damage to a single enemy [Level]

New Servants

Assassin 8661 11637 Ambush in Ten Directions: Disappear Like Shadow
Juumei Maifuku: Muei no Gotoku
Deal significant damage to a single enemy [Level]
Reduce Critical Strength (3 turns) [Overcharge]

Avenger 10628 9949 Beheading Someone From A Distance
Frieren Scharfrichter
Ignore evasion (1 turn)
Deal significant damage to a single enemy [Level]
Chance to inflict instant kill [Overcharge]

New Craft Essence
Freelancer ★★★ R
ATK  200 (Max: 1,000)    HP  0
    Increase Quick Card Critical Strength by 25%

Archer of Shinjuku

Assassin of Shinjuku

Avenger of Shinjuku

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