02/21Regular Maintenance (02/24 14:00)
The regular maintenance for Fate/Grand Order has ended.

Regular maintenance will be conducted during the following period.
The game will be unplayable during maintenance.

We ask everyone to please finish any battles or quests before maintenance starts. Thank you.
※ You might not receive the quest rewards if maintenance starts while in mid-battle.

Once the maintenance is over, please expect heavy traffic since players will be downloading the update
and would cause additional strain to the servers that may cause slowdowns. We recommend playing on
a Wi-Fi connection in case this problem occurs.

◆ Date & Time
February 24, 2017 (Friday) 14:00 to 19:00 (Scheduled)
※ Scheduled time may change if necessary.

◆ Application Update ◆
  • Please update your applications once maintenance is over. (Android/iOS)
    The latest version would be the following:
    Android: [Ver.1.19.0]
    iOS: [Ver.1.19.0]
  • You will need to update from GooglePlay or the AppStore. Please note that you don't have to uninstall the game.
  • If the update button doesn't appear, you can clear the cache of your GooglePlay by following the instructions below:
    1. From the Home screen, press the Menu key then select 「Settings」.
    2. Select 「Applications」 → 「Google Play Store」
    3. Select 「Clear Cache」
      Be very careful not to press 「Uninstall Updates」.
      ※ Please note that the menu may vary depending on your terminal.

◆ Game Update ◆
  1. Change the name of some Servant skills.
  2. ※ Only the name will be changed, the effect is unaffected
    ※ The following Servant skill is affected:
    • Mysterious Heroine X [Alter]
      [ Before ] ∞チョコレート EX (∞ Chocolate EX)
      [ After ] ∞黒餡子 EX (∞ Black Anko EX)
  3. Update the graphics of some Craft Essences.
  4. ※ The following CE is affected:
    • Anything But the Ultimate Delicacy
    • Letter of Gratitude from My Wife
  5. Remove text and effects from Craft Essences that only works during events that have already ended.
  6. ※ The following CEs are affected:
    • Kitchen ☆ Patissiere
    • Cute Orangette
    • Composure of the Victor
    • Chocolatier
    • Sweet Crystal
    • Street Choco Maid
    • Choco Angel
    • Valentine Dojo of Tears
    • Bitter Black
    • Fondant au Chocolat
    • Blissful Time
    • Melty Sweetheart
    • All Chocolate and Return Gift Craft Essences

◆ Bug Fixes ◆
  1. Fix a graphical bug in the story scenario of some Servants.
  2. ※ The following quests are affected:
    • Tamamo no Mae (Caster)
  3. Fix a bug where some Servant skills don't work properly.
  4. ※ The following Servant is affected:
    • Mysterious Heroine X [Alter] - Invisible Hand of the King C
  5. Fix a bug where battle sprite graphics don't display properly.
  6. ※ The following Servants are affected:
    • Euryale
    • Tristan
    • Medusa (Rider)
    • Medusa (Lancer)
  7. Fix a graphical bug in the battle sprite of certain Servants that occur when Sub-Members enter the field.
  8. ※ The following Servant is affected:
    • Karna
  9. Fix a bug where Servants joining after the Quest Clear rewards might not be displayed properly after the app has been restarted when the application is forced to exit at the end of battle.
  10. ※ There's no problem with Servants and Quest rewards, only the display is affected.
  11. Fix a bug where killing all enemies with NP during the 2nd attack may not trigger Guts status before the 3rd attack is made.
  12. Fix a bug where 1 HP is left despite receiving partial damage, resulting in an impossible battle damage.
  13. Fix a bug where using a NP Charge Down skill on an enemy with no NP Charge will still display 「NP Charge Reduced」.
  14. Fix a bug where the amount of NP gained during an EX attack is not displayed properly.
  15. ※ The following Servants are affected:
    • Amakusa Shirou
    • Bedivere
  16. Fix a bug where the wrong amount of NP is gained during an EX attack.
  17. ※ The following Servant is affected:
    • Amakusa Shirou
  18. Fix a bug where the wrong amount of damage is inflicted during an EX attack.
  19. ※ The following Servants are affected:
    • Bedivere
  20. Fix a bug where some CEs are not shown when the Event Bonus filter is active in the Craft Essence screen.
  21. ※ The following CEs are affected:
    • Kitchen ☆ Patissiere
    • Street Choco Maid
    • Valentine Dojo of Tears
  22. Fix a bug where the critical stars obtained when some Servant uses their NP are not displayed in the proper location.
  23. ※ The following Servant is affected:
    • Mysterious Heroine X [Alter]
  24. Fix a bug where the some items are not displayed when enemies drop multiple items.
  25. ※ Only the display will be fixed, the amount of drops are unaffected.
    ※ The following items are affected:
    • 4★ (SR) ALL-Class Experience Card
    • 3★ (R) ALL-Class Experience Card
  26. Fix a bug where using CONTINUE in a battle may display Servants in the wrong position.
  27. Fix a bug in the background graphics.
  28. Fix typographical errors on some text.

◆ Game Improvements ◆
  1. Added a feature that allows you to check a list of enemies you've encountered in Free Quests.
  2. Added a feature that allows you to lock mutiple Servants and Craft Essences in the following screens:
  3. ※ The following screens are affected:
    • Change Favorite
    • Craft Essence Synthesis
    • Servant Synthesis
    • Support Formation
    • Party Formation
    • Second Archive Withdrawal
    • Second Archive Deposit
  4. Change some entry in the materials.
    • [ Before ] 幕間の物語の記録 (Records of Interlude Stories)
      [ After ] サーヴァントとの記録 (Records of Servants)
  5. Adjust various UI and graphics.

As apology for the bug fixes listed above, compensations will be distributed to all affected customers.

◆ Target ◆
All players who have played the game before February 24, 2017 (Friday) 13:59.

◆ Compensation ◆
Saint Quartz

Stone with divine power.
A crystallization of concepts that decides many a future.
Also called a pseudo-spiritron crystal.
Saint Quartz

◆ Distribution Method ◆
Items will be directly sent to your Present Box.

◆ Distribution Period ◆
February 25, 2017 (Saturday) 4:00 to July 31, 2017 (Monday) 23:59

We apologize for the inconvenience.
Thank you for your cooperation.

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