11/02[Chaldea PR Department] Nico Nico Livestream Special Program
We will be broadcasting the 「Fate/Grand Order Chaldea Broadcasting Station SP "Fate/EXTELLA" Launch Special Episode」
live on Nico Nico Douga to celebrate the launch of 「Fate/EXTELLA」 on November 2, 2016 (Wednesday)

During this broadcast, we will be announcing the latest information regarding 「Fate/EXTELLA」 and also the schedule of the
launch campaign we will be holding for 「Fate/Grand Order」 as well!

We ask everyone to follow the links below for more information:

Program Page:

Program's Campaign Page:

◆ Program Title ◆
「Fate/Grand Order Chaldea Broadcasting Station SP "Fate/EXTELLA" Launch Special Episode」

◆ Broadcast Date & Time ◆
November 2, 2016 (Wednesday) 19:00 onwards (scheduled to last for about 2 hours)

◆ Guests ◆
Ookubo Rumi (Elisabeth Bathory's CV)
Kawasumi Ayako (Altria Pendragon's CV)
Tange Sakura (Nero Claudius's CV)
Noto Mamiko (Altera's CV)
Naoki Yoshida Announcer (MC)
Kawamura Hiroyuki (Fate/Grand Order PR Staff)

Ookubo Rumi
Kawasumi Ayako
Tange Sakura
Noto Mamiko
Naoki Yoshida

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