09/26Changes Regarding Mash Kyrielight's Character Voice (CV)
Taneda Risa who is responsible for voicing Fate/Grand Order's Mash Kyrielight is currently unavailable right now
due to medical reasons.

With regards to her in-game voice, additional recordings will be required starting October 1 (Saturday) to voice
in-games lines regarding the new Master Missions.

In regard to this, we will be changing Mash Kyrielight's CV including all her previous voice lines as well.

[Before] Mash Kyrielight: Taneda Risa
[After] Mash Kyrielight: Takahashi Rie
※Takahashi Rie previously voiced Mirai Asahina from Maho Girls Precure!, Megumin from KonoSuba, and Emilia from Re:Zero.

It should be noted that we currently have no plans to change Taneda Risa's other roles like Kiyohime (Berserker),
Kiyohime (Lancer), Mata Hari, Marie Antoinette (Caster), and Marie Antoinette (Rider).

We hope that you all understand, and we wish for Taneda Risa's quick recovery.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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