03/29Regular Maintenance (03/30 14:00)
The regular maintenance for Fate/Grand Order has ended.

Regular maintenance will be conducted during the following period.
The game will be unplayable during maintenance.

We ask everyone to please finish any battles or quests before maintenance starts. Thank you.
※ You might not receive the quest rewards if maintenance starts while in mid-battle.

◆ Date & Time
March 30, 2016 (Wednesday) 14:00 to 19:00 (Scheduled)
※ Scheduled end time may change if necessary.

Application Update:
  • You will have to update the game application from GooglePlay or the AppStore. (Android/iOS)
    The latest version would be the following:
    Android: [Ver.1.8.0]
    iOS: [Ver.1.8.0]
  • You will need to update from GooglePlay or the AppStore. Please note that you don't have to uninstall the game.
  • If the update button doesn't appear, you can clear the cache of your GooglePlay by following the instructions below:
    1. From the Home screen, press the Menu key then select "Settings".
    2. Select "Applications" then "Google Play Store"
    3. Select "Clear Cache"
      Be very careful not to press "Uninstall Updates".
      ※ Please note that the menu may vary depending on your terminal.

[Warning] Important Reminders:
  • Once the game has been updated, all your locked Servants and CEs might unlock due to a bug.
  • We apologize but we humbly ask everyone to check and lock the contents of their inventory again.

◆ Game Update:
  1. Add Main Quests for Chapter 5.
  2. Add new Servants and Craft Essences.
  3. Implement the E Pluribus Unum Pickup Summon as Saint Quartz Summon (Story).
  4. Update Friend Points Summon.
  5. Add Interlude Quest to some Servants.
  6. ※ The following Servants are affected:
    • Orion - Chapter 2
    • Fionn Mac Cumhaill - Chapter 1
    • Fergus Mac Roich - Chapter 1
  7. Update the graphics on some scenarios.
  8. ※ Only the appearance is changed, the story text is unaffected:
    ※ The following scenarios are affected:
    • Limited Time Event: 「Vengeful Demon's Wail at the Prison Tower」
    ※ You can replay the updated scene inside My Room.
  9. Change specifications for setting and selecting Support Servants.
  10. Update the tutorial.
  11. Change the Saint Quartz Summon during the tutorial to roll 10 times instead of once.
  12. Update TIPS with new ones.
  13. Add a voice for Da Vinci that plays when you open the Synthesis (Strengthening) screen.
  14. Add a function that allows you to show the ascension stage of a Servant during the Party Formation and Confirmation screens,
    the option can be accessed from the Servant Details.
  15. Change the background of Servants to their Saint Graphs when displayed in the Party Formation and Confirmation screens.
  16. End the 「Training Ground 1/2 AP Cost Campaign」.

◆ Bug Fixes:
  1. Fix a bug where Command Cards are not displayed properly during certain conditions.
  2. Fix a bug where Command Spells are not shown when changing gender at the Master Profile screen.
  3. Fix a bug when pressing Help while inside My Room which causes the display switching, ascension stage, and voice playback
    buttons to not display properly.
  4. Fix a bug in the tutorial that crashes the game.
  5. Fix a bug in the Servant summoning animation where the card is not displayed properly.
  6. Fix a bug in the Servant summoning where the 「NEW!」 does not appear on new Servants and CEs.
  7. Fix a bug regarding the counter on the banner at Chaldea Gate where completing quests doesn't subtract count.
  8. Fix a bug which causes the Saint Graph to not displayed properly during Ascension after selecting a Servant and opening Servant Details.
  9. Fix a bug where the skill description of the CE equipped to a Support could sometimes confirm.
  10. Fix a bug where certain CEs doesn't work properly when multiple effects are activated at once.
  11. ※ The following Craft Essences are affected:
    • Salon de Marie
  12. Fix a bug where certain CEs doesn't activate properly.
  13. ※ The following Craft Essences are affected:
    • Awakened Will
  14. Fix a bug that occurs during certain Servants NP.
  15. ※ The following Servants are affected:
    • Arash
  16. Fix a bug where Skill Level Up is displayed when unlocking the skills of certain Servants.
  17. ※ The following Servants are affected:
    • Altera
    • Altria Pendragon
    • Eric Bloodaxe
    • Charles-Henri Sanson
    • Spartacus
    • Nero Claudius
    • Boudica
    • Martha
    • Musashibou Benkei
    • Leonidas I
  18. Fix a bug at the Support Selection screen and Friend List where the Servant's details aren't displayed properly.
  19. ※ The following Servants are affected:
    • Siegfried
  20. Fix a bug where the background is not displayed properly when using NPs on certain stages.
  21. ※ The following Quests are affected:
    • Chapter 3: Bull's Labyrinth (Free Quest)
    • Chaldea Gate: Berserker Training Grounds (Daily Quest) Novice, Intermediate, Advance, Expert
  22. Fix typographical errors on some text.

◆ Game Improvements:
  1. You can now burn Servants and Craft Essences together.
  2. Servant Details screen during battle will now display the equipped CE's effect detail.
  3. Mana Prism Exchange Shop will now display how many items you have of the listed item.
  4. Change the sorting filter options for Servants and Craft Essences.
  5. Add a button that allows you to move directly from the Party Formation screen to the Master Equipment screen.
  6. When your party is annihilated in battle, changed the continue method to allow you which option to take.
  7. Improve the UI of the Noble Phantasm Upgrade screen.
  8. Change the display to have the name and skill description when learning new skills.
  9. Improve transitions to other screens when Servant or Craft Essence inventory is full.
  10. When you're on the Voice List at the Servant Detail screen, you can now cancel the voice playback by touching the list again.
  11. Change the displayed icon to show how many turns or how many times the effect has left.
  12. Change the displayed icon to show effect that deals bonus damage.
  13. Add a display on the Friend List screen that shows whether or not a Friend's CE is max ascended.
  14. Improvements to various UI and texts.

As apology for the bug fixes listed above, compensations will be distributed to all affected customers.

◆ Target
All players who have played the game before March 30, 2016 (Wednesday) 13:59.

◆ Compensation
Saint Quartz

Stone with divine power.
A crystallization of concepts that decides many a future.
Also called a pseudo-spiritron crystal.
Saint Quartz
◆ Distribution Method
Items will be directly sent to your Present Box.

◆ Distribution Period
March 31, 2016 (Thursday) 4:00 to August 31, 2016 (Wednesday) 23:59

We apologize for the inconvenience.
Thank you for your cooperation.

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