03/04[Chaldea PR Department] Game Updates for Late March to Early April
We of the Chaldea PR Department would like to inform you all about the next game update planned for late March to early April 2016.
Below are just some of the changes and new features for the upcoming update.

New Features
  • We'll be renewing the specifications for setting your Support Servant.

  • ※ Screen is still under development.
  • You can now select the Ascension form of your Servants and change their appearance at the Party Formation and Confirmation screens.
  • You can select Servants and CEs at the same time when burning cards.

UI Improvements
  • Equipped Craft Essence's effects will now be displayed so the player can check during battle.
  • Add a feature that allows you to access the Master Equipment screen from the Party Formation or Confirmation screen.

Chapter 5 Release Date
Main Quest 5th Chapter is planned to be released around late March to early April 2016 along with the next game version update.

More information regarding the update will be released near the release date around late March to early April.

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