12/11Letter from the Producer 「Updates for Late December and Early January」
Thank you for always playing Fate/Grand Order.

This is Shouji, the Producer.

We deeply apologize for the series of mess we have caused while implementing the account suspensions.
We will be checking each account one by one like we said on a previous notice. So if you have been suspended for no reason, we kindly ask of you to wait for some time.

I wrote this letter to inform you all about the plans we have for late December to early January, and the next game update.

Game Updates for Late December to Early January

■ Game Improvements
This update will introduce some improvements to the game. These changes and bug fixes are listed below:

▼ New Master Improvements
  • Increase the maximum Master Level.
  • Add new effects when using Command Spells.
  • Add new Mystic Codes.

  • ▼ Party Formation Improvements
  • Allow Servants to have a different Craft Essence equipped depending on Party Formation.
  • Max Ascended Servants will show their final form on the Party Formation screen.
  • (※ Other players who'll use them as support will only see their third form.)
  • Increase the maximum number of Party Formations allowed.

  • ▼ UI Improvements
  • Update the UI to show the current total of the Faux-kun upgrades on each Servant.
  • Update the Support Selection screen UI to show the Ascension level of the equipped Craft Essence.

  • ▼ Chapter 4 Release
  • The 4th chapter of the main story is planned to be released around late December to early January.
    We kindly ask everyone to wait patiently until it is released.

  • The contents of these changes are scheduled to be implemented around late December to early January or later.
    We ask you all to be patient a little more longer until they are properly implemented.

    Server Improvements

    We have been working on finding a solution to the server-related issues since the game's launch.
    We are proud to announce that we've found the solution.
    To implement this, we will be performing an Emergency Maintenance around midnight of December 13, 2015 (Sunday).
    Please check the follow-up post for more details about this maintenance.

    Also, just like we've mentioned earlier on Twitter, details of the next event will be released on December 15, 2015 (Tuesday).
    So make sure to stay tuned.

    We thank everyone for your continued support.

    Fate/Grand Order Producer
    Delight Works Co., Ltd.
    Representative Director Akihito Shouji

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