11/19Emergency Maintenance (11/19 23:00)
The emergency maintenance for Fate/Grand Order has ended.

Emergency maintenance will be conducted for the following duration.
The game will be unplayable during maintenance.

◆ Date & Time
November 19, 2015 (Thursday) 23:00 to November 20, 2015 (Friday) 00:00 (Scheduled)
※ Scheduled start time is guaranteed, but the end time may get extended.

◆ Content
  • Lower the difficulty of Daily Quests and improve the items that drops from enemies.
  • ※ Affected Quests:
    • Monday: Ember Gathering <Lancer & Assassin>
    • Tuesday: Ember Gathering <Saber & Rider>
    • Wednesday: Ember Gathering <Archer & Caster>
    • Thursday: Ember Gathering <Lancer & Assassin>
    • Friday: Ember Gathering <Saber & Rider>
    • Saturday: Ember Gathering <Archer & Caster>

[Updated: 11/20 (Friday) 00:00]
  • Fix a bug regarding some Daily Quest's battle map setting.
  • ※ Affected Quests:
    • Thursday: Ember Gathering <Lancer & Assassin>
  • Lower the difficulty of Daily Quests.
  • ※ Affected Quests:
    • Monday: Archer Training Ground
    • Tuesday: Lancer Training Ground
    • Wednesday: Berserker Training Ground
    • Tuesday: Rider Training Ground
    • Friday: Caster Training Ground
    • Saturday: Assassin Training Ground
    • Sunday: Saber Training Ground
    ※ HP values were slightly reduced.
    ※ We are still investigating further adjustments to the "Training Ground" quests.

As apology for the fixes listed above, compensations will be distributed to all affected customers.

◆ Target
All players who have played the game before November 19, 2015 (Thursday) 22:59.

◆ Compensation
Saint Quartz

Stone with divine power.
A crystallization of concepts that decides many a future.
Also called a pseudo-spiritron crystal.
Saint Quartz
Golden Fruit
AP Recovery Item
Recover 100% of the AP.
Golden Fruit

◆ Distribution Period
November 20, 2015 (Friday) 4:00
Items will be directly sent to your Present Box.

Adjustments for the "Training Ground" quests will be conducted next.
We report on the progress once we have finalized the details.

We apologize for the inconvenience.
Thank you for your cooperation.

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