10/28Letter from the Producer 「Connection Failure & November Updates」
Thank you for always playing Fate/Grand Order.

This is Shouji, the Producer.

We deeply apologize for the repeated connection failure you've experienced during the currently ongoing event 「Singing Pumpkin Castle Adventure ~Mad Party 2015~」. We ask for everyone's forgiveness for any inconveniences we may have caused.

I wrote this letter to apologize and to inform you all regarding the current status of the connection failures, some plans we have for November, and about the release of the 3rd chapter.

Apology and Status Report Regarding the Connection Failure

We've recently organized a Response Team that will continue to monitor and improve upon the performance of the servers. Even though we've made a lot of progress since then, we still haven't found an actual solution to prevent network traffic congestion during time-limited events. We apologize for this.

Too much traffic is being requested on certain hours that it overloaded our database servers, resulting in a lot of connection failures.

Our Response Team performed hardware server upgrades, database tuning and configuration adjustments, but those aren't enough to permanently eliminate connection failures. Because of this, we ended up changing the specifications of the event instead.

In order to fix the problems mentioned, aside from working everyday to investigate and monitor the cause, we are currently testing some general adjustments to our servers in order to minimize server load, increase the maximum capacity it can handle, and improve overall performance.

We've verified the cause of the connection failure after some investigation, and we believe it was due to an illegal software that allows repeated connections at faster speeds that's normally impossible. Since the usage of illegal software is causing interruption of service, we've decided to take strict measures, which includes the suspension of accounts if necessary.

We really apologize to everyone. Our Response Team will be working hard everyday to ensure that the situation will improve someday.

Early November Update Summary

The 3rd chapter will finally be released during the early November update. The next version update is currently undergoing tests to check the game's balance and implement some final adjustments.

■ Game Improvements
This update will introduce some improvements to the game. These changes and bug fixes are listed below:

▼ Increase Critical Star rate
  • Quick Card, Quick Card 1st Bonus, and Overkill will have increased rate of generating Critical Stars.

  • ▼ Improvements when inflicting 0 damage
  • Evasion and Invincibility will now generate Critical Stars or accumulate NP gauge, even if attacks are technically missing.

  • ▼ High-Speed mode when using skills
  • High-Speed mode will now affect Master Skills or Servant Skills.

  • The contents of these changes are scheduled to be implemented early November. We've made you all wait for the 3rd chapter to be released, but we ask you all to be patient a little more longer until the tests are completed.

    In addition to the updates above, we're planning to release new Daily Quests on mid November. This will reset any progress you've made prior, so make sure to complete them all and get the current rewards while you still can.

    Details of the new Daily Quests and their date of implementation will be covered on a future news update.

    We thank everyone for your continued support.

    Fate/Grand Order Producer
    Delight Works Co., Ltd.
    Representative Director Akihito Shouji

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