10/12Letter from the Producer Regarding October Updates
Thank you for always playing Fate/Grand Order.

This is Shouji, the Producer.

In favor of surpassing 4 million "Fate/Grand Order" downloads, we thank you all very much.

Our ongoing gratitude to all players "4M DL Campaign" will last until October 16. You can receive special rewards for just logging in daily. We would appreciate it if you would join us in this celebration. Please check the previous news entry for more information.

In order to make the game more enjoyable to everyone in the future, we will continue to push out these kind of updates.
We thank you all for your continued support.

I wrote this letter to inform everybody about our plans this late October regarding updates of the game and the application.

◆ Late October Update Summary

■ Halloween Event
There's no other event to talk about but Halloween during the month of October. Although this event is being celebrated in Japan as of recent years, it originated as a celebration to expel demons during autumn's harvest. A festival of the ancient Celts from more than a thousand years ago.

During the "Machi Asobi Vol.15" held last October 11, we announced the next event for "Fate/Grand Order" named "Singing Pumpkin Castle Adventure ~Mad Party 2015~" which will start soon this coming Halloween. A completely original story will be added, and upon completion, you will be rewarded with a Halloween event-limited 4★ (SR) Servant "Elisabeth Bathory" that you can't get anywhere else. This time, Elisabeth is summoned as a Caster, making her a bit different than normal. Please stay tuned for more info regarding Elisabeth's Halloween event.

In order to fully enjoy the story, it should be noted that the event "Singing Pumpkin Castle Adventure ~Mad Party 2015~" will require Masters to complete the 1st chapter "Orleans" in order to participate. To Masters who have not yet completed the main quests, we kindly urge you to make progress during this occasion. We appreciate your participation.

In addition, due to the Halloween event's restriction, we have decided to extend the current "Main Quest 1/2 AP Consumption" campaign to last until October 31.

Additional details regarding the event will be announced through the news and Twitter.

■ Game Improvements
Following the game updates we've implemented during late September to make the game more "casual" we will be doing additional adjustments. Below are the number of adjustments we plan to implement for the next update:

▼ Additional Option Regarding AP Recovery
  • A new item called "Golden Fruit" will be implemented which recovers AP.
  • Implement a change so that it is possible to recover more than your maximum AP when using Saint Quartz or Golden Fruit.

  • ▼ Additional Option to Replay Event Scenes
  • You can now replay scenes from time limited events that you've cleared from My Room.

  • ▼ Additional Option to Change Battle Sprites
  • Ascended Servants can now revert back to previous forms, you can now select which battle sprite you prefer.

  • ▼ UI Improvements for Quest Information
  • Information regarding the enemy class will appear when selecting a Quest, but before you confirm.

  • ▼ Others
  • Support list sorting order will now be saved.
  • General UI changes will also be implemented to show various status during battle.

  • The contents of these changes are scheduled to be implemented late October.
    We kindly ask everyone to please be patient and wait for the update.

    In addition, the 3rd chapter everyone has been waiting for is finally ready to be implemented. Okeanus is scheduled to be added around early November, after the Halloween event ends. We have kept you waiting, so please stay tuned.

    Fate/Grand Order Producer
    Delight Works Co., Ltd.
    Representative Director Akihito Shouji

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