Craft Essence Profile


Name Cooking with Endless Supplies
ID No. 376 Rarity ★★★★ SR
Cost 9 Max LV 80
ATK 100 Max ATK 100
HP 100 Max HP 100
When equipped to Tawara Touta (Archer) only
Recover HP of all allies by 500 each turn while on the field


Illustrator and Voice
Illustrator ---
CV ---
I didn't need a famous sword, and I didn't want a famous bow either.
And all I'd use a famous spear for is as a laundry pole.
But this. This alone is what I wanted.
I desired it no matter what I had to do.

These bales exist solely to bring people joy.
Nobody wants to be unhappy, and everybody likes it when their stomachs are full.

Well, obviously enough there were ne'er-do-wells who wanted these bales' power, but...
If I grabbed all three and ran, that was the end of that story!
Yeah they were a little heavy, but it was the weight of happiness.
And heroes are used to holding heavy stuff, anyways!

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