Craft Essence Profile


Name Shaved Ice (Void's Dust Flavor)
ID No. 298 Rarity ★★★ R
Cost 5 Max LV 60
ATK 0 Max ATK 0
HP 300 Max HP 1,500
Apply Damage Cut 100
Increase Debuff Resist by 5%
Increase Lumber drop amount by 1
Increase Realta Alloy drop amount by 1
[Max Limit]
Apply Damage Cut 200
Increase Debuff Resist by 10%
Increase Lumber drop amount by 2
Increase Realta Alloy drop amount by 2


Illustrator and Voice
Illustrator Nakahara
CV ---
Japanese English

 もちろん、原材料はシャドウサーヴァントではありま せん。ありませんとも。似たような何かですが、
Another midsummer seaside pleasure.
Gather pieces of cold ice, pour on a special syrup,
and you can enjoy the flavor of summer.

「So this must be what's called experimental cuisine.
 Of course, I wouldn't dare use shadow Servants as ingredients,
 only something similar. But don't worry, with my Alchemy
 techniques, you won't even be able to tell the difference.
 Please try it. It'll just taste like grape.
 ───Just keep in mind that the syrup is homemade.
 I'd love to gather some data on this.」

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