Craft Essence Profile


Name Ariadne's Thread
ID No. 257 Rarity ★★★★ SR
Cost 9 Max LV 80
ATK 100 Max ATK 100
HP 100 Max HP 100
When equipped to Asterios (Berserker) only
Increase Quick Card performance of all allies by 15% while on the field


Illustrator and Voice
Illustrator ---
CV ---
At the end of this thread waits a natural born demon.
A monster that devours humans. A minotaur.
A man pushed his fear to the bottom of his heart, embraced the spirit of justice,
and advanced, advanced, and advanced through the hopeless labyrinth.

The man thought about how he might die.
The man thought about how he might rot away, wandering the labyrinth.
The man thought about how he might be devoured by the minotaur.

But he could never have prepared himself for the minotaur -- an ordinary human.
A young boy, a victim of divine punishment, who had become a monster out of sheer desperation.

Their mutuals ends were approaching.

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