Craft Essence Profile


Name Golden Helm
ID No. 231 Rarity ★★★★ SR
Cost 9 Max LV 80
ATK 100 Max ATK 100
HP 100 Max HP 100
When equipped to Drake (Rider) only
Increase NP damage of all allies by 20% while on the field


Illustrator and Voice
Illustrator ---
CV ---
She was blessed with fortune, but she was never able to tell what shape it would come in.
All she could ever see were the horizon, the sun, the raging seas, the stars, and her enemies.
As these boring, unromantic days continued, the girl came to a decision.

「I've gotten bored with Lady Luck! But I guess I should at least show some thanks.」

What she prepared was a golden helm.
Shining on the chest of the demon ship, a single flower was in full bloom.
And so it would continue until the day this ship would finally reach the heights of hope.

「Whoa, this is great! Seriously! It's like I'm a pirate, pretty tasteless huh? Gyahahaha!」
「Okay, open a barrel! Or do you want a trip to Davy Jones' locker?」

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