Craft Essence Profile


Name Golden Captures the Carp
ID No. 212 Rarity ★★★★★ SSR
Cost 12 Max LV 100
ATK 500 Max ATK 2,000
HP 0 Max HP 0
Increase NP Gauge by 30% at the start of battle
Gain 15 Critical Stars when entering the battle (1 time)
[Max Limit]
Increase NP Gauge by 50% at the start of battle
Gain 20 Critical Stars when entering the battle (1 time)


Illustrator and Voice
Illustrator ReDrop
CV ---
Japanese English


The painting of a carp leaping high as the sky, together with Sakata Kintoki.

Since ancient times, it is said that carps will transform into dragons when they climb up swift currents.
When drawn together with Sakata Kintoki, the personification of physical health, the painting is then said to be able to bring forth success, luck, and good health.

But the bear has nothing to do with it.

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